She is Totes Crazy

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It was an exquisite tote bag, handwoven with bright, abstract patterns. Plush to the touch, like stroking a freshly groomed Persian cat.

Must be expensive, I thought as I sniffed. A quirk of mine; nothing goes by without me inhaling its essence.

"I know you love totes. I made sure I got you the best one I found," she beamed.

Constantly showering me with gifts, she was a rare gem.

"This is so pretty, thank you," I hugged her.

My cell phone buzzed. It's always silent as I'm not too fond of noise. I looked down. News spreads fast these days. CCTV footage boasted of a murderous theft at a local handicraft store. Two people were butchered. The perpetrator shamelessly exposed their face in pride. My eyebrows lowered, and a dispassionate frown followed. With rage-filled eyes, I stood up and dropped the tote in her lap.

"I can't be friends with liars," I said as I left, leaving her in awe.

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