The words we choose to say or the way we choose to represent ourselves through innovative ideas matter. 

As a renaissance woman, my experience in the communication field is solid and diverse with over 15+ years of being in communication design, digital media and advertising. I enjoy writing & ideation and work hard to produce deliverables that are accurate, instructive, and frequently captivating. 

For years I have been writing but not quite what I wanted to. I have written concepts, scripts, PR plans and strategies, and even beauty reviews. I was always trying to earn and support the household. Writers rarely get encouragement and support from their families, at least in Pakistan it is tougher. If it was up to me, with no responsibilities and strings attached, I would write fiction and articles only.

Now I can. I am still working professionally as a copywriter and content writer but decided to pursue what I have always wanted because it is never too late to start.

Fun Fact: I got reading glasses in my mid-teens because I read too many books. Zero Regrets.

For getting in touch for writing services or any other related queries please email on:
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