About Me

Maliha Rao who is a copywriter and writer

I am Maliha, your guide to the extraordinary and a master storyteller. 

While my professional expertise lies in communication and copywriting, my true passion has always been in fiction, particularly within the captivating genres of fantasy and horror. It is a passion that has stayed with me throughout the years, and now I have the opportunity to delve deeper into my imaginative pursuits through the art of storytelling.

My stories are inspired by the tales of ancient civilizations, whispered secrets of long-forgotten lands, urban legends, myths, and folklore of Pakistan. And of course, my wild imagination and personal experiences.

This is where the truth will blend seamlessly with fiction, where magic unfolds in every whispered word, and where you become part of the enchanted journey. The line between myth and truth will blur, and the supernatural will dance with the ordinary.

So, gather around with a hot cup of tea, as I unlock a world of enchantment and mystery and weave a tapestry of words and wonder.

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