About Me

The words we choose to say or the way we choose to represent ourselves through innovative ideas matter. 

As a renaissance woman, my experience in the communication field is solid and diverse, with over 15+ years of being in communication design, digital media, and advertising. I enjoy writing & ideation and work hard to produce accurate, instructive, and frequently captivating deliverables. 

For years I have been writing but not quite what I wanted to. I have written concepts, scripts, PR plans and strategies, and even articles on various topics. I was always trying to earn and support the household. Writers rarely get encouragement and support from their families; at least in Pakistan, it is tougher. If it was up to me, with no responsibilities and strings attached, I would write fantasy fiction, read and chill with my cats over tea.

Now I can. I am still working professionally as a creative writer, but I decided to pursue what I have always wanted because it is never too late.

Fact: I got reading glasses in my mid-teens because I read too many books. Zero Regrets.

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