When Thoughts Become Words

Why do you write? 

To record moments in life, tell a tale, or let lose some stray thoughts. What is that final thrust that spills, letting all of it flow, giving release and satisfaction?

There are moments when your mind is as blank as the surface you are embedding on. The initial push is the hardest. Once you pass the first couple of lines, you can build, word by word, thought by thought, spewing through your fingertips. But how does one begin?

We overthink and expect too much from our brains, which go into hyperdrive and eventually feel worn out and halt, thus leading to writer's block. The moment is nightmarish but can be dealt with by mastering the art of randomness. 

Yes, you certainly read it right. 

Your brains need a break mixed with a burst of energy to restart. To do so, you can start with a single word and just add on another and another, and just keep on adding. Even if the words don't make sense together, don't stop. You are letting your brain loose for a bit, which helps make some space. You can always re-edit and rearrange later. 

In short, we restrict ourselves while expecting too much. Writing should always go with the flow to nourish the brain and a writer's soul. The creativity is subdued by allowing yourself to be pressurised with overwhelming extra thoughts and, above all, hesitation and doubt. 

Another big hurdle in writing is needing help with word counts and the insistence on having as many words as possible for the content to be legitimate. There is no shame in starting with less and then progressing from there. The goal is to begin.

So dear readers, breathe and think of an idea you want to put down in words and let it flow. Don't worry about grammar, spelling, and meanings; just let the letters come. You can always mould and fix it further later. 

Have fun; Rome wasn't built in a day.

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