My Lips.

My first ever memory of my lips started with rejection. I was disappointed with how full they were and a frown would form every time I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was barely 7 or 8 years old and felt insecure about the plump poofy pillows on my face so most of the time I just kept my lips pursed. There were moments filled with tears of despair as well. Now I look back and smile.
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We all go through a phase where at least one body part does not appeal to you and you wish you could trade it. For some it can be eyes, for most, it's their nose. A lot of people I personally know have gotten rhinoplasty done. I am not against getting a bit of feature enhancement but I do encourage you to at least try loving yourself with all your bits, big and small. I am glad my parents didn't have enough money for plastic surgery neither was it considered a common practice back then.

I have a short round nose, small eyes, round face, and big lips. I may sound or even look animated. Some even say I look like Betty Boop (minus the body!). I learned to love my body but it took time and conditioning of mind with positivity. I do feel I need to get more fit because my body deserves to be taken care of and trust me I am trying despite the eating disorder caused by anxiety but I still love everything about me.

Love obviously does not happen overnight, and self-love is hard. The change for the better certainly was not because of the family support or friends cheering you up. My family, despite being generally nice, has this unhealthy obsession with how skinny women look beautiful. For most of my life, I was called fat and by the time I realized I was not always big but rather curvy, it had already done the damage. Our culture teaches women to be conscious about their weight and appearance but they never teach you healthy eating habits or how to lead a more active lifestyle. They want you to learn cooking and then expect you to not eat. The flaw is not in you, it is much more spread out and mostly starts with the mindset of a society. The flaw is mostly not intentional, it has evolved into a norm. If confronted for feeling pressured the answer you mostly get is "but we meant well, never wanted to offend you" and they are not wrong either. This idealism is so deeply rooted in societies that just saying being plus size is ok never helps. You need to acknowledge everything, your own beliefs, and what others impose, and then start taking positive steps forward, with a sack full of patience. That is how the journey starts, with acceptance.

I started with acknowledging my lips. I have them, they are big, now what? Let's make the most of it. The very first makeup product I bought was Lipstick. I still remember the shade, cocoa, and even the brand which was Revlon colorstay matte lipstick. Then I started loving the rest of my body, and the love grew because it was mine to give and I didn't need anyone else. That epiphany changes everything. To love yourself you need only YOURSELF. Spreading awareness of normalizing all body types, different features, skin colors, and even a small button nose, starts with self. When you understand yourself, all of you, every inch and corner, then you are in a better place to make others understand as well.

I am grateful now that people actually think I get lip fillers, which I obviously don't, I am scared of needles anyways. If they knew how uncool I felt once of my big lips they would be surprised. Treat your body like you are in love with it and never let anyone, even your mind, bully it. We each have a story, a journey, but alls well if it ends well.