Is it just me or do I feel winter is creeping up on us. The evenings and early mornings in Karachi have gotten chilly and I just visited Lahore which is definitely welcoming autumn as I write. Winter is definitely around the corner so I need to kick my lazy bum to take out winter clothes. Other than the old stuff I have been eyeing some new collections as well. Have you seen the new Winter Collection of Salt by Ideas Pret? The sweaters and scarves are a treat!

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There is a variety of option and colors that you can pick and choose from. From shawl collars to button down cardigans, from jacquard to chain yarn cardigans, different textures, colors, patterns and styles. The pricing is also extremely affordable and definitely a good investment. The sweaters are in the range of 3k to 5k (pkr) and guess what, they have a discount so you can get them for much less.

The sweaters and cardigans look comfy yet trendy. What I really like is that the style is timeless which means that if you buy a pair, or two (or more!) you can use it again in the future, the style wont get out dated. Another "cool" factor are the muted tones which allows styling or pairing them with outfits more flexible, therefore, you will be able to wear them more often than expected, great use of a good buy.

Can we not forget the scarves? Sometimes you don't want anything too heavy yet need some subtle warmth, or, sometimes you need some extra tlc. Here comes the wraps and scarves. Checkered, abstract, and many other pattern along with a few solids. Knot them up, wrap them around or turn them into a diy poncho. Get warm while setting a trend with these comfy pieces starting from 2k and above.

Gotta love this collection and you don't want to have FOMO so go get a few pieces before they sell out and you are left with despair. Visit their WEBSITE and also keep checking their FACEBOOK for updates. Go get warm!