I have always been a fan of Color Studio Professional Makeup, specially their lipsticks and I was ecstatic when I was sent these delicious new lipsticks to test. Color Studio is owned by a Pakistani. even though its a UK based brand, so I take extreme pride in it. It feels good when you have quality brands in Pakistan.

I had gone to a Color Studio Bloggers Meetup earlier in the days when I had started blogging and they had freshly launched. At that point there were no Makeup brands that had local connection that were as good in terms of quality so I was impressed. What I am truly happy about is that they have not only maintained the good quality products but also constantly evolving. The quality is maintained by focusing on the material, products are manufactured at their factory in Malta with raw materials and formulations from Italy and Europe.

I have reviewed other products from this brand which you can find HERE.

The packaging is very consistent and simple with bold lettering since day 1 and I like the easy to use product designs. I got a Gift Box of Velvet Lipsticks which they recently lunched along with a few other things (coming up soon on my blog too!) You can order these lipsticks separately as well as in  gift set of 6!

I have reviewed their Pure Matte and Color Play lipstick before and simply love them. To date I still use their lipsticks as they are one of my favorites in terms of color and quality. I also observed something interesting. The shades look a bit subdued in the form of a lipstick compared to when applied on the lips. Perhaps due to different kinds of lip tones?

I was excited to try their new Velvet Lipsticks which are available in over 24 brilliant shade variations. I got 6 different shades to try but let's first talk about the formula it self.

- Soft, Creamy and easy to apply. I do suggest you use a lip pencil if you want sharp edges. I prefer natural lines compared to sharp precision
- Goes on velvety and slightly dries to a smoother demi matte feel
- Long lasting but does need to be re-applied every couple of hours
- Good pigmentation, some neon shades are a bit patchy but most are fine
- Good number of shades to choose from
- Doesn't dry my lips even when they dry down a little

As for the shades I got I think I am in love with one or two of them (or three)!

Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipstick in HOT BUZZ - 175:

A shade I initially thought might be too dark but it's just the right amount of dark, deep, delicious red which appears to have a cool undertone because at times it also feels a bit reddish maroon.

Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipstick in HEART ACHE - 105:

A rich, bright yet warm red which elevates your bold streak. A bit of a hint of orange too. Very flirty and perfect to paint the town red!

Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipstick in MAGIC SPELL - 164:

A bright coral shade with a hint of pink. A bit on the neon side and I do like the bright shade but in terms of formula it requires proper application as it tends to get slightly patchy.

Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipstick in BACK DOOR -156:

A neon orange shade with a cool under tone. Not for the faint hearted though it plays up your fun side. Like Magic Spell, this shade tends to get a bit patchy if you dont apply it right.

Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipstick in SUSPENSE - 157:

If you are looking for a dull, rusty orange without trying to look extra then this shade is a winner. One of my favorites from the 6 I got. It makes you look so fresh!

Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipstick in SORCERY - 136:

A perfect deep nude with a hint of pink. This has become my go to shade these days and also another favorite from the shades I got! It will suit most skin tones and a great shade to keep in your bag at all times.

Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipsticks are easily available in most makeup shops in Pakistan but you can also buy these products on their WEBSITE. The Color Studio Professional Velvet Lipsticks retail for Rs. 1200 each.