Say hello to more lipsticks? Yes please! Got two types of lipsticks from Color Studio Professionals for you today, Lustre andPure Matt. Are they good? Oh well, read on and find out.

I have already talked about the brand history and origin multiple times along with reviewing many other Color Studio Professional products which you can read HERE.

The packaging of all Color Studio Professional products is very clean. The black gives a nice, modern feel and the use of crisp, bold fonts makes it neat and chic.

As far as the lipsticks are concerned they have one of the best formulas I have experienced. Of course there are some differences as per shade in every formula but most are good. I have a huge lipstick collection and many of them are from this brand, telling you guys the truth.

They sent me three shades from the Lustre collection and three shades from the Pure Matt collection. I have already tried and love the pure matt lipsticks but the current ones are new shades so I was excited to see how they will look on me.


This was my first time trying the Lustre formula from CSP. I liked the fact it's light weight and does not feel sticky or greasy. Even though the shades are pigmented there is a subtle sheerness to them as well. Moisturizing as well as long wear but of course you will require to reapply after a few hours. What I like about most CSP shades and formulas is that they fade and not completely disappear so even before reapplying a tint is still there to save grace.

There are total of 21 shades in this formula so you can have fun picking up the one that you want. I love the glossy effect of these lipsticks and by the way glossy lips are back in trend!

Let's talk about the shades I got.

Color Studio Professional Lustre Lipstick in the shade OOPS - 818:

A cool toned, playful red that makes your lip look fresh and perky.

Color Studio Professional Lustre Lipstick in the shade FIRE ENGINE - 809:

A coral red that adds a bit of a delicious youthful look to your lips despite the brightness.

Color Studio Professional Lustre Lipstick in the shade STORY TELLER - 812:

An orange red with a cool undertone. My lips look so plump in this color, bold yet wearable.


I have actually tried the Pure Matt formula by CSP and love it. It's one of those formulas which gives a matt, velvety effect but are nourishing at the same time and they dont dry your lips. The formula is very pigmented, full coverage and creamy. You wont need a lot to get the right amount of color pay off. The longevity is also good. Last time when I tried their shades, which you can check HERE, some shades did have a little less pigmentation. However, The three shades they sent me this time are amazing and I have been using all three of them regularly.

Pure Matt Lipsticks from Color Studio Professional are available in 30 shades. They have reduced the shades and I do feel like they have upgraded the formula as it smells and feels different from the previous ones.

Lets see the shades I got.

Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Lipstick in the shade SAVAGE - 200:

A beautiful deep, cool toned red with a subtle hint of maroon. Its the perfect fall lip shade.

Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Lipstick in the shade UP TO DATE - 201:

A neutral nude shade with a hint of coral. This is my everyday lipstick these days, it goes with every dress, so far!

Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Lipstick in the shade PURPLISH - 210: 

THIS is one of the most beautiful, wearable, purple lip shade I have come across to date. It is so, so delicious and makes you feel happy. This is cool tone purple with a subtle hint of pink.

Color Studio Professional Lustre Lipsticks as well as Pure Matt lipsticks retail for Rs.995 and  are easily available in most makeup shops in Pakistan but you can also buy these products on their WEBSITE