I am not obsessed with blushes but I am definitely particular about them. I like using blush and prefer them to have good buttery formula because it wont impress me otherwise. When I was sent these Color Studio Professional Blushes I was wondering if they will make it to my vanity. Any guesses if they made it?

I am absolutely gaga over CSP lipsticks and have reviewed their products in the past as well. You can read about them HERE. Their blushes were a first for me though.

Color Studio Professional is a UK based brand. The products that I have used in the past are of good quality. Products are manufactured in their factory in Malta with raw material and formulations from Italy and Europe.

Let's talk about the blushes.

I was sent three shades, Impulse, Macaroon and Flamingo. I have always loved the clean, black matt packaging with crisp text. The window cut in the blush box was a good move as it helps us see the product before hand rather than struggling to open it and peep inside. The Blush compact it self is a good size with net weight of 11 grams, quite a lot of product. Easy to open too and sturdy plastic exterior. Would it help if it had a mirror or a brush? Well, to be honest, perhaps if you want to travel with it, but, I always use my mirror compact and a separate blush brush any ways so it definitely depends on the majority of the consumers. I am fine with the way it is. What do you think?

The formula really surprised me. From the look of the perfectly hard pressed product I thought it would be a bit grainy yet it was really light weight and buttery. Highly pigmented, great color pay off yet easy to blend so you can manage the intensity. No matter what the color I play it down with blushes so was really happy with the effortless blending. Definitely long wear as it lasted all day without requiring touch up. Do note though that I did not go out in the sun or roam around out doors too long. This is based on my usual day of meetings and meet ups experience.

Formulas are paraben free and also not drying for your skin. The blush range consists of 9 shades. I got three of them and I kinda use all three though I thought I would never touch impulse because it was so insanely vibrant.

Color Studio Professional Blush in Impulse - 209

This shade looks so dangerous. I was a bit scared when I applied it for the first time because I thought I might over do it but it blends so nicely and the rouge effect is actually very appealing. Not for the faint hearted though. A delicious rusty, rouge red.

Color Studio Professional Blush in Macaroon - 201

The prefect every day peachy pink nude that will oomph up the freshness on your face in all the right subtle ways. This has become my go to these days as I love subtle warm blush shades. I feel peachy warm pinks suit most Asian skin tones.

Color Studio Professional Blush in Flamingo - 208

Such a fun, bright cool pink which may look crazy but it gives a nice youthful finish. It is one of those shades you can not only use in summers to play up the bright hues trending but also use in winters to stir up the chilled out skin and make it look alive.

Color Studio Professional Blushes are easily available in most makeup shops in Pakistan but you can also buy these products on their WEBSITE. The Color Studio Professional Blush retail for Rs. 1200 each.