Some months ago I had gotten acrylic nails and had a blast, well kind of, till they were removed. My nails were left damaged, extremely thinned out, really short; you could see my finger tips clearly without the nails. My fingers tips were painful and numb for weeks. Now let me clarify that this only happened with me because the person who removed them was highly unprofessional and in some sort of a hurry so didn't care about my pain or the damage being done. Its not like that always so PLEASE choose your nail professional carefully.

That being said, my nails were extremely sensitive and required care. I was careful with them for a couple of month and didn't even apply nail color. They would break easily and were growing out crooked. I was heart broken. A couple of weeks ago I started taking biotin along with using OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer before applying nail color. In just a few weeks I could see and feel the difference in my nail appearance which made me very happy.

OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer is actually part one of a three step OPI Infinite Shine set//series but you can use this as a base coat with any nail color brand. The OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer comes in a window boxed packaging, quite simple yet professional looking. I do love the purple shade, mainly because it reminds me of the amethyst stone. The formula is easy to work with and can even be used alone without any color coat. I have done that as well, it adds a nice healthy shine to your nails.

So basically, OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer is a nail strengthening treatment that works like a base coat and helps to make nails feel stronger as well as protect nails against breaking. It is enriched with nutrients which deal with common nail concerns. The formula is also infused with antioxidant-rich lotus flower oil and bamboo extract which conditions, hydrates, and moisturizes nails. It gives a gel like effect (without even using a curing lamp!) for up to at least 7 to 11 days.

So far I have never been disappointed by OPI and this product is also part of that satisfying experience. If you have troublesome nails you should get this for sure. The OPI Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer retails at Pkr.2300 and you can buy online from Amethyst by Roohi Spa.