I really love buying things from interesting websites which offer really reasonable prices and the items themselves are also usually not bad. One of the really cheap website I discovered and have shopped from before is ToSave.com and I have even reviewed it before so you can read it HERE.

There is a LOT you can shop from. From bags to shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry, its like an online mall. The pricing is amazingly low and the quality of things I have bought is impressive too. Easy to shop and they ship worldwide. I shop with my Debit Visa. The two recent items that I purchased were a Retro Women's Large Bag and a Unicorn Key chain.

The bag is quite big, with pockets inside as well as outside. Initially I was a bit worried that customs might charge me for itdue to its size but thank god it went through. Customs in Pakistan are unpredictable. Sometimes they charge an arm and a leg for no reason and other times they only charge minimum.

The bag is made of PU leather and quite trendy. It is ideal for everyday, wear and tear, use. Every time I use this bag I get compliments. The finish is good and it is quite sturdy. It only cost me $14.46 and you can get it HERE from tosave.com.

The next item is a cute fluffy Unicorn keychaid which I got to hang on my bag. I am obsessed with Unicorn. I was not very excited about the felt quality of the unicorn but it is still cute and I love it. It was just for $ 3.36 so cant complain. You can buy it Here from tosave.com

Overall, I am satisfied by my buys, you should check out this super cheap website too and see if you like anything.