The Luxury Pret collection which was actually a debut for Ideas Pret, was a pleasant surprise at Hum Showcase 2017. I did not expect Midnight Opulence to be actually a wow moment. Don't get me wrong, Ideas Pret is one of my favorite retail brand, however, when I heard they were showcasing luxury pret I just assumed basic cuts and prints on silk, the usual. What they presented was a complete different experience and formidable.

There was something both decadent and magical about this collection. Do note, this is Idea Pret's first  luxury pret collection and should not be confused with Gul Ahmed. They are under the same company but both are separate brands with different teams as well as brand philosophies, which is quite apparent.

The brand portrayed it's brilliance through evolving ideas with incredible hand-embroidery and textiles teams, bedazzling outfits with dense imagery through prints, embellishments and beads, refined details and finishing with fluid silhouettes and cuts. Even though the overall palette was very limited, midnight blues and silvery whites, it was far from monotonous.

Another interesting element was the inspiration. Midnight Opulence was inspired by Renaissance motifs and architecture, a concept that has been used and abused multiple times not only in Pakistan but internationally. The collection, however, was yet another example of inspiration well translated.

I am quite sure this collection has stirred up concern for many designers because retail brands producing quality and trendy luxury pret are much more pocket friendly as well as rare.

The Midnight Opulence collection is part of the new Bespoke line that will be available at flagship stores in selected locations across Pakistan, on an order-only basis. Find out more from Ideas Pret FACEBOOK Page so you don't miss out on delicious separates or complete looks.