I am not happy about the fact that ALMAS is only available in Lahore, as a Karachiite I feel deprived of all the delicious yet reasonable stuff they have. Boohoo, we want you here too Almas, please!

During my last trip to Lahore a couple of months ago I made it my mission to visit Almas no matter what. ALMAS is a Clothing brand but it offers more than just clothes. I particularly love the collection of shoes they have, always. During my one day visit I planned a lunch with my friend and then begged her to take me to Almas.

When I entered the store I was prancing around like a little girl in a candy store. I had promised myself that I will get one nice shoes because I didn't want to spend more than 3k to perhaps 4k. I am sure you must be shaking your head in disbelief, yea? Who will worry about spending when in shoe heaven, ha!

Newsflash, I do get greedy but I have immense tolerance when shopping and only buy what I need or what is practical. Temptation does creep in but I let it takeover when I have extra savings for impulsive shopping. At the time I visited Almas I had already bought my new shoe stock so only thought of buying one. I carefully selected my choices and tried on all of them, walked around, posed a gazillion times in front of the mirror and finally shortlisted three. I was planning to get one of them only, depending on the price (cough cough).

I called the sales girl to help me select "So, umm, how much is the golden one. . .?" She looked at the code and replied " I think this one is for approx 1600". I just stared at her, shocked. "WHAAAAAT? That's really cheap...I mean reasonable, wow!" I was over the moon. Apparently, all three were coming to approx 4k in total so I flipped my hair and said "pack them all". That, ladies, was a definite feel good moment *wipes away happy tears"

I got this one for my everyday, casual wear because they looked good with western and many eastern looks too. I like the zip detailing and black is always classic.

I was actually planning to buy this only because I wanted new shes for the event I was attending that day in Lahore. Its a comfortable velvet flat with the right amount of bling.

It's Gold and sassy, that was enough to win my heart. Comfort was a bonus point.

I pray everyday that Almas comes to Karachi soon though that would mean bankruptcy for me but at least I will be happy with all the shoes! Go checkout ALMAS and tell me what you think of this brand.