Élan showcased their luxurious bridal collection last week and everyone was blown away, for several reasons. Palais Indochine is everything a collection showcase should be, and I am not just talking about the clothes. Let's just say that Elan celebrated 10 years of their brand with a bling bang.

Elan Palais Indochine Bridal Collection

When I heard that  Élan was planning to do a solo bridal show I was amused and excited, more so for the clothes. Little did I know that Palais Indochine will be making a huge statement. The much anticipated evening was a memorable extravaganza, consisting of opulent outfits donned by 51 models, male and female, a magnificently crafted venue (which was actually Khadijah Shah's own massive garden) and a very selective, tastefully dressed, list of attendees from media as well as social circles. The entire event became the talk of the town and for obvious reasons. This event will imbue other designers to step up their game and might even ignite a new trend of solo shows with this much finesse. Casual launches are a thing of the past now.

Speaking about Élan’s inaugural bridal show and 10 years, designer Khadijah Shah has said; “I would have never imagined that something I started from my small workshop would one day become one of the most established fashion houses in Pakistan. We didn't just want to showcase our new collection but we wanted to create the 'Élan Experience' one that reflected the romanticism and grandeur associated with the brand. I think having this solo show to celebrate Élan’s ten years in the industry was the perfect way to substantiate our successes thus far.”

Venue & Showcase

The venue was designed with varied seating segments as the walk was suppose to be more of an experience rather than the mundane straight line. Some were settled on the side while others were sitting on little grass (Fake) 3d plateaus positioned in centers. Models were twisting and turning on the fairy tale like pathways with a background of white palatial gazebos and wood work scenery. Even though most of the experience ended up being magical I would have worked a bit on the lighting which was dimly lit and didn't do justice to the magnificent showcase.

The inclusion of the live performance by Sachal Jazz Orchestra truly elevated the senses and the affair.

Palais Indochine Bridal Collection

The collection itself was sublime, as always. Elan has never failed to awe struck. Every piece was opulent, be it a the velvet two piece (a personal favorite worn by Fayeza Ansari) or the intricately detailed gharara, the array of designs were filled with grandiose. The outfits were full of innovative new techniques, embellishments, motifs, embroideries and unique colour palettes. You can find something for everyone and every occasion.

Palais Indochine ensemble glistened, adorned with gold tilla and thread work which emphasized complex yet traditional motifs very crafted by the designer and her team. The bespoke jewelry was custom made for the show by Sherezad Rahimtoola and it fused perfectly with the collection. 


The Palais Indochine Bridal Show was conceptualized and directed by Yousaf Shahbaz with event management by Shazreh Khalid, choreography by Fahad Hussayn, lighting and sound by Fahad Rehman, photography by Faisal Farooqui and his team at DragonFly, video production by The Videographers and backstage management by Production 021. With Coca-Cola as the beverage partners and N-Pro and N-Gents as the beauty partners, public relations for the event was managed by Lotus PR.