Korean sheet mask trend is growing and I have a feeling it is not going to fade away that easily because women are actually getting more and more addicted. This is the good kind of addiction. I am becoming a happy victim myself. Coming back to sheet masks, *Skin18, a website that focuses on providing great Korean and other Asian, skincare products, sent me a few sheet masks to try.

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I got a care package from SKIN18 recently with 3 sheet masks and 1 under eye patch. I will be doing mini reviews of each on my instagram and snap chat in the coming weeks but for now, I would like to give a little information on each.

About Skin18

Skin18 is based in HongKong and deals with various good quality skincare products. They believe that skincare is more important than makeup. Well, I love makeup but I do agree a good skin goes a long way, especially on lazy, no makeup days! They have lots of pocket-friendly yet effective brands and products specially handpicked by the founder herself. To be honest, I have used many Korean and Japanese skincare brands and never been disappointed (yet!).

XILIX Panda Animal Whitening Mask Sheet (Brightening) - $ 4.50
This a whitening sheet mask in the shape of a Panda. Quite fun, can't wait to try it, mainly because I want to see how I look as a Panda, perhaps very similar!

Due to the niacinamide in the formula, the skin is brightened while mulberry root extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and portulaca oleracea extracts lead to a soft fresh skin texture and appearance.

LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch for Eye Puffiness - $2.4
I love the cuteness of the packaging. It does look a bit non-serious but the kawaii effect is attractive nonetheless. Other than having Vitamins A, C and E the main ingredients in the formula are mugwort and green tea extract that are known to reduce eye puffiness, tighten skin while leaving it smooth and moisturized. It also claims to reduce wrinkles.

SOC 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack EGF  for Bouncy Skin - $1.95
I think bouncy skin means fresh and youthful like a baby's butt.

First of all, this is a "3D" Mask which means it's not a flat sheet mask you will normally get but, instead, crafted in a way to better fit your face, wow!

EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. EGF revitalizes and repair skin thru cell regeneration, therefore, restoring skin to it's best condition

MIRUM Fresh Fruit Lemon Real Natural Mask Pack - $1.8

We all know lemon is great for tightening pores, brightening skin and getting rid of dullness. That is exactly what this mask is about. On top of that, the sheet mask is made of 100% cotton which ensures absorption of essence more than any other material.

There you go, such wonderful masks with great properties at low cost. I am sure many of you must have gotten curious even half way through this blog and already clicked on the above-mentioned links. All of these sheet masks are available at SKIN18 and they ship worldwide.

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*DISCLOSURE: Samples are provided by the Brand/PR company. Reviews are always honest and never paid for unless specified as Sponsored.