If you don't have at least one or two Sapphire pieces in your wardrobe then you should because it has become one of the essential wardrobe items to own in Pakistan. Sapphire is one of those retail brands which almost every woman in Pakistan has fallen in love with. Why? It offers good quality fabric with trending style and design at an extremely affordable cost. Who would say no to that? Sapphire recently opened up another store in the new Nishat Emporium Mall in Lahore and it's huge, apparently one of the largest Sapphire stores in Pakistan.

I am glad I went to the launch because I could see the grandeur of the store in person. Many of you who follow me on social media must have already seen my snaps and Instaposts about my fun, yet crazy, one day trip to Lahore for the store launch. Apart from being a great brand the Sapphire team are also great hosts, that includes the creative director, the gorgeous Khadijah Shah.

The store space is definitely vast and comfortable, you will not get lost, so no worries there. The beautiful white starkness is broken by muted wallpapers with tropical scenario. The lighting is clear, not moody, which is always considered a blessing in clothing stores because you want to clearly see what you are buying.

The store is not just beautifully designed and lit, with organized sections for pret, formals, menswear, but also has a jungle gym for kids (so mothers can shop in peace) as well as a small atrium area to relax and sit while you order some tit bits from the Bakery INSIDE the store, WHAT? Yes, that is all true and quite impressive. You can literally spend an entire day (or half) in that store, even have a girls'day out planned. The only thing missing is maybe a mini spa? Kidding!

Coming to the Cambric Collection they launched recently, I do agree that at times their prints become familiar and there may be nothing over the top about them. However, the truth is that they make beautiful pieces every time with an array of colors and designs fused with basic to fun silhouette while still keeping it practical. You love Sapphire because it's comfortable, practical and pretty, the things that a woman with a sense of style seek for her everyday wear, period.

Here are the clothes I bought (and love) at the launch event. You can also buy them ONLINE from their WEBSITE:

Here is a glimpse of their latest Cambric unstitched collection, a picked a few of my favorites, you can see and buy the collection HERE:

For more SAPPHIRE updates you can follow their Facebook HERE.