Despite the severe flu last week I dragged myself to the Pantene Hair Masterclass because I was curious to know the "Do it All" they have been talking about. How can Pantene shampoo and conditioner do it all? Read on to learn, yaas!

The Masterclass was conducted by Nina Lotia, a renowned hair stylist of Pakistan. To be honest, It was more of a discussion about the new Pantene formula and how it protects your hair rather than an actual Masterclass. I was expecting some DIYs or hairstyle tips but the idea, apparently, was a masterclass in Pantene, knowing what it can do for our hair. The information that was shared was interesting and the following happens if you use the new formula:

  • The new formula of Pantene ProV shampoo and conditioner contains histidine which helps restore as well as maintain the health of your hair from the core
  • You can experiment with your hair as much as you can as Histidine will help fix the damage
  • After using the new ProV formula you can erase the damage done by 100 blow dries
  • After using the new formula your hair can take up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, bring on the curling iron!
  • Your hair is less likely to split, fall or break
  • Prevents from the harsh tap water
  • Helps with frizz due to humidity
  • Colored hair will maintain depth for a longer period of time with healthier looking shine 
  • Best used together, Pro V Shampoo with Keratin damage blocking technology and Pro V conditioner with Histidine 

I used the new ProV shampoo and conditioner for a few days before writing this review. My hair felt soft and healthy. I have oily hair which are also really fine and wavy. I do believe that if you have thick or dry hair you will benefit from this new formula even more.

Pantene ProV shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments are available in most stores as well as online at starting from PKR .190.