What does one do when they get a book full of Buy One Get One free offers and discounts on a variety of enjoyable things, like food, shopping, traveling, etc? They go MAD with joy, of course. Eyes sparkling with excitement, I went through each page of Vouch 365 while controlling myself not to drool over the book. Why should you get his book for yourself? I can tell you many reasons so brace yourself and  read on!

You want to go to a nice eating place but want to pay less? You want to buy some trendy clothes but don't want to wait for the sale? Planning a vacation for two but only managed to save up for one? Vouch 365 is a coupon book which will magically (and literally) help you resolve these concerns and so much more.

Here is an interesting, and short, story. A couple of years ago in January, while visiting Dubai, I was hanging out at a bookshop with a friend when I noticed she bought a big book of vouchers. When I asked her about it, she replied, "You know how you keep telling me I am so active and always eating out or going for some fun recreational stuff, etc. Well, this book full of vouchers helps me do all that for much less so I can manage my budget, keeps me entertained and happy!"

At that moment I wished we had something similar in Pakistan. I think Entertainer Asia heard my wish and it became a reality.

HOW did VOUCH 365 come to exist:

Vouch 365 is an extremely unique and innovative product that has never been introduced in the Pakistani market until November last year by "Entertainer Asia". The Vouch 365 is a book full of various discount deals and offers like buy one get one free or discounted rates on products and services. The deal categories offered are diverse, from cafes and restaurants to shopping, salon and fitness services and even travel packages. Even though the concept of deal/coupon book was already operating in many major countries, Entertainer Asia saw the need arise in Pakistan now since in the recent years the concept of eating out, fashion trends, traveling, doing extracurricular activities and being more pro fitness has evolved. So Hallelujah, this lead to the implementation of Vouch 365. You can carry out the same activities and save a great deal in the process. Furthermore, Vouch 365 provides you with options to experiment and try out new stuff as well.

HOW is VOUCH 365 Different from other Deal Books and Websites:

Well, other than the fact that Vouch365 has over 180+ brands and 500+ vouchers you can avail the deals anytime over the span of an entire calendar year. The deals have greater value than any other deals on websites or other coupon books. 

On top of that, Vouch365 ensures that the procedure of voucher redemption is extremely secure, thus eliminating any chance of replicating or fraud which is super assuring. 

It's Easy to use VOUCH 365 Book:

It was quite easy though initially I was a bit nervous. I get nervous when there are numbers involved for verifying anything because I mix them up.

Anyhoot, I called them up on the number (provided in the book as well as website) and they guided me to first share my *UBN number and then go fill out the simple information form on the website. So I simply went to www.vouch365.com/account and clicked on ‘Register Now’, filled in the form with my details and an email was sent to my email address. It's the basic registration process like all others.
I clicked on the link in my email for activation and I was good to go!

They also share a 7 digit pin which I suggest you save if you ever get it cause that is required whenever you will avail your Coupon.

*UBN (Unique Book Number) is a 15 digit code mentioned on the bottom right corner of the book.


Yup, these guys are cool cause they got their own Mobile application as well. There is a free version as well as a paid one. I haven't experienced it myself but I am going to give it a go once I run out of coupons in my book!

You can get more info regarding the Mobile Application HERE.


I have been pretty busy with my crazy work schedule but was itching to try out Vouch365 so an interesting opportunity presented itself. It was my brother and sister - in- law's wedding anniversary recently so I gave them two restaurant vouchers along with the gifts. I shared my pin code as well because that is important to avail the coupons. They were really happy with the entire experience and thanked me because they had a great time. 

Even though directly it was not my experience but it was still a good one and yes, you can give your coupons to friends and family as well, just make sure you also share the 7 digit pin code required to avail the deals.


The book and application can be purchased from the Vouch 365 WEBSITE for PKR.5,000 (Book) and PKR.4500 (Application). If you "think" that is expensive then think harder about the estimated savings of Rs 30 lacs you a making on top.

This book and seriously an investment which lasts a whole calendar year so I am not surprised why they call it the ultimate experience!

WEBSITE: http://vouch365.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Vouch365/