Current news has stirred up some emotions in Pakistan. Our government has banned Valentine's day but I will not go into details about that. People will still find a way because the heart cannot bear the idea of NOT celebrating love. Valentine's day without a splendid dinner for two surely feels incomplete for most. Fortunately for lovers, of food and otherwise, Avari Towers has ample offers to tickle your taste buds and heart.

Let me just inform you first that Avari Towers is offering a romantic poolside Valentine's day deal for PKR 3,000/- per person as well as other packages as per the flyer they shared (click on it for a bigger view).

Even though the fanatics are quite eager on suppressing love, the public isn't. So if you want to spend some alone time with your Valentine and enjoy some good food then you should look into these offers. (especially if you forgot you were planning to do something and my post reminded you!)

I didn't get a chance to try the Avari Valentine's deal mainly because it is still two days later. However, we were part of a meet and greet at Sky BBQ where I experienced the desi food, Avari style.

at almost the top of AVARI Towers Karachi, next to Fujiyama (which I visit a lot because sushi is my love).

The open air area is not as well-decorated as I expected and was quite plain. Avari definitely should tweak up the interiors because the view and space itself are quite promising, it literally does feel good dining under the stars.

The desi, local elements of truck art and traditional elaborate mirror fans can be noticed, but lack of decor and drama was making the place less jovial. I am looking forward to seeing how Avari can tune up the look.

Sky BBQ offers traditional Pakistani cuisine all the way, Nihari, Paya, Karahi, the entire gang of "All Things Desi" when it comes to our cuisine. Other than the main buffet area there is a chaat corner as well. The buffet, obviously, starts with a salad bar and soup (mutton yakhni on that day) and ends with a dessert area. Here are most of what you will find there, I was not able to capture the Mutton Yakhni, Chicken Chargha and Katakut.

The chaat corner had all the ingredients you needed for your own mix plate. Stir up some bhel puri, munch on some golgapas, make your chaat sweeter or spicier, it is all in your hands. I knew chaat would fill me up so I skipped this and went directly for the main course(s).

The salad bar was quite similar to what you see in most local buffets, laden with the mandatory (or so it seems) corn salad, creamy potato salad, Russian salad, chicken salad and assortments of freshly cut vegetables like cucumber, carrots and the rest of the raw munch gang,

The dessert table definitely looked prettier than what it may taste like. The presentation will make your mouth water undeniably.

First Serving
Fried Fish: The fish itself was soft and cooked to the T but the batter was a tad bit salty which killed the flavour slightly.

Prawn Tempura: The prawns were so nicely cooked, very juicy not hard and chewy. The batter was light with minimum oil. That is what is required and that is what we got.

Chicken Tikka Boti: The blend of spices was not overwhelming and the meat itself was cooked to the point of melting in your mouth. Bursting with flavour, a good bite for sure.

Chicken Biyani: Tilting towards sour than spicy, it had an apparent tamarind presence. That, however, didn't taste off, it was rather tangy and different. The taste didn't burn my palate further assuring the lightness of the spice mix ideal for all kinds of guests.

Second Serving

: I rarely like any nihari other than the one my mother cooks, mainly because for some odd reason most nihari I have tasted in restaurants and "nihari" places (yes that's a thing here) are too sour. This nihari was not too spicy, the broth was not runny (thank heavens) and no tangy after taste whatsoever. Would have preferred some more spice but still not bad. The meat was cooked to the core as expected.

Daal Chawal: Nothing out of the world and quite simple but you can have an entire plate without hating it. The basic stuff is done right.

Mix Vegetables: I honestly believe in balancing out the texture and taste of the vegetables when combining them in one dish. This had way too many peas than any other vegetable and definitely requires balance. Might as well call it Pea stew.

Chapli Kebab: One of my favourites after the biryani in this buffet. From the serving size to the last crunchy bite, this was really spot on. The meat was fried right (the pink always bother me and this had none). The anar dana crunch in every bite will keep making you want more. This is a must-try at the Sky bbq buffet.

Achari Chicken Curry: Less vinegary and saltier. The salt killed the taste for me so was not really able to figure out what it was really like.

I was too stuffed to try the desserts but they had the usual assortment of Fruit trifle, Fruit pie, chocolate brownies, custard, fruit salad and many other sweet treats.

The Overall Experience

The buffet experience was not disappointing and I will go back if I feel like some traditional Pakistani food. The selection of food was good, bringing everything under one roof (though it didn't actually have a roof). The buffet is for PKR.1,895 + Tax per person. So if you want to stuff yourself silly this is a great place to visit, just don't forget some Pepto Bismol or Hajmola because overeating is guaranteed.