We all love DISCOUNTS. Food deals, vacation packages, entertainment, getting superb discounts and a good deal is always welcome.  I was recently surprised by a big, fat book of discount deals by the name of Bogo. It felt like Eid (or Christmas). Do you want to know why?

The Bogo voucher book allows you to avail amazing buy one get one free offers from restaurants such as Red Emperor, Del Frio, Gloria’s, Tavern Grill, 14th Street, Vintage, Broadway Pizza, New York Coffee, spas & salons such as Depilex Men & Women, Raintree Spa, fitness clubs- Fit in 5, Bodybeat photography- Hakim Sons, Dossani Plus, adventure/entertainment brands like Diver’s Reef, Bounce and retail brands such as Shahzeb Saeed, Hina Khan, Marca City and more. Even enjoy travel offers for Bangkok hotels, Dubai and sightseeing tours for a vast number of global cities. Looking to experience more in 2016? The Bogo book is what you need.

To test this experience, I availed two different deals. One for 14th Street Pizza 10 inch thinz (buy one get one free and the other was a dine in experience at Burger Mafia (Get a Sandwich Deal and Avail another free Sandwich deal with it)

I was quite satisfied with how cooperative both food places were when they heard about the vouchers. I have previously faced issues with the deal vouchers I got from one of the deal websites due to miscommunication between the eatery and the Discount/Deal company, but this was smooth sailing, Food was good, service was cheerful and I also saved money. Yaas!

You can order the Bogo book by submitting your information to their call center- call 021-37132288 , or you can also place an order online on the website bogo.pk. At present Bogo is only accepting Cash on Delivery for payment. Delivery is free for the customer. The book will be delivered in 2-3 days. Delivery usually takes 2 days.

Price: PKR.1,999/-

Are you excited yet? I am *runs off to avail another voucher*

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