Random food cravings are seriously the worst thing ever, especially when it is almost midnight and the options for late dinner, via delivery or in the fridge, are scarce. I wanted to indulge myself with sausage noodles, yet I had no clue if any restaurant offered that in my city, Karachi. Luckily, social media does prove to be helpful in these dire situations. A cry for help, with no expectations of response, led to someone one pointing me in the direction of Desi and Co.

Apparently, this dish was specially created to curb craving upon inquiry on a certain food forum on Facebook. However, it is soon going to be part of the usual menu. I ended up ordering a serving of their "Dahi kay kebabs" (yoghurt cutlets). The combination was too tempting not to try, food lovers are curious beings and no one can disagree with that.

Sausage Noodles with Spicy Tomato Sauce

I have developed a certain love for this recently discovered dish. I am already quite crazy about noodles so this was a treat for me. The chicken sausages were cooked right, just the right about of juicy soft. The noodles were not overcooked and the noodle to sauce ratio was also balanced (oh so very important). My favourite element of the dish was the spicy tomato sauce with a generous amount of chopped black olives. I quite literally closed my eyes and let out an "mmm . . ." at first bite. The flavours of the sauce hit you pleasantly, you can taste the stewed tomato paste in olive oil with a herbaceous aftertaste. The texture is smooth with the olives adding a bit of munch. Spice level tilts on the hot side, which doesn't bother me at all (smacks lips!). Keep a tissue in hand, you might need it,

The hearty serving is for PKR.300/- which I find quite reasonable.
NOTE: This dish is not yet on the menu but you can make a request. It will be officially available soon!

Dahi kay Kebab (Yogurt Cutlets)

If you want to blissfully set your palate on fire, literally and metaphorically, then these cutlets are just what you need. They look quite ordinary as well as unimpressive. coated with batter, yeah must be just another fried cutlet? wrong! One bite, the flavours and texture will make your senses skyrocket. The ingredients I tasted were mainly yoghurt mixed with chopped chillies, onions and herbs. I am assuming something that tasted like cottage cheese too but I might be mistaken. The texture was smooth and crumbly at the same time. The cool, side serving of Dhaniya (Coriander) raita is recommended to bring down the heat. I was not able to have more than one even though I thoroughly enjoyed the blast!

The serving consists of  4 medium-sized cutlets and cost PKR. 275. I promise you won't get further than two so invite a friend when ordering these and a big glass of lassi (yoghurt drink).

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