A week (or so) ago The Body Shop Pakistan held a much needed beauty blogger's meetup to launch their new BLACK MUSK fragrance in Karachi. The event proceeded with full swing at Dolmen Mall, Clifton with some eager beauty bloggers along with the support of the Pakistan Beauty Society.

The event was a mix of product briefing (the usual of course), a fun treasure hunt, ending with a delicious dinner at "The Noodle House". The beauty bloggers (including me) even got some great goodies to take home.

The treasure hunt was quite crazy, but in a good way. The beauty bloggers were divided into teams of two (even three) and one by one the teams had to search the entire mall and look for the three key ingredients of the Black Musk.The team who found them in the shortest time won (not me, boohoo, I got lost!).

The fragrance goes quite well with it's tagline, "sweet on the inside, fierce on the outside". I do think it's more sweeter than fierce but will discuss that in a detailed product review post coming soon after this post.

Here is a glimpse of the fun meetup:

I am sure by now you are also drooling over the goodies I got, just like I was when I opened the bag. Stay tuned for the Black Musk review along with the reviews of all the other products!

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Photo Courtesy: The Body Shop Pakistan (except for the last photo by me)
Event Management and PR: Constantine PR