After the great response of my previous post on HERBAL MEDICINE,  I decided to take it forward. I received many questions and concerns regarding herbal medicine, which I shortlisted and requested TRIGEN Pharma to come to my rescue. Always seek professional help in these situations, right? I got to learn more, read on and know how.

Trigen Pharma belongs to one of the largest business groups of Pakistan representing world class product and brand names in Pakistan. It is a responsible company that provides life-saving alternative treatments at reasonable prices to help the ailing humanity. They provide medical doctors with alternative treatment options to cure their patients. The Professional at Trigen answered the following most asked questions from my readers:

1. Many people believe that products labeled "natural" are always safe and good for them. How true is that?

Just labeling as “natural” is not good enough. The product needs to be independently tested and verified by independent and well-reputed organizations around the world that can vouch for its ingredients. These international agencies check for purity of ingredients, exact composition and toxicity levels including lead content. With these agencies' stamp of approval once can safely presume them to be “natural and free from chemicals”. Most companies do NOT have this certification.

2. Some herbs can interact with prescription or over-the-counter medicines. Is that true? And if so how do we check to be careful?

Yes, that is true. Some herbs are certainly very dangerous. As a consumer one cannot check this themselves, but insisting on purchasing products from world class, internationally certified and audited companies is a great start. One must know the source and how solid the certifications of these herbal manufacturers is to have the confidence and be assured before purchasing these products. Tasly Holding Group is the largest herbal manufacturer in China and internationally certified and documented. This is their strength and brand power, which makes them market leaders. No herbal company in the world can claim to have international certifications of the level that Tasly has. Tasly has invested in R&D and done gold standard clinical trials of their products to support their claims which is unprecedented in herbal industry.

3. Is Homeopathy also Herbal Medicine?

Not at all. It is called alternative medicine but NOT herbal medicine. It’s mechanism is different and has NO clinical trial or data to support their claims.

4. How do we check authenticity of SAFE herbal medicine? Any company can claim to be authentic if they don’t require FDA approval.
Authenticity comes from international certifications, recognition and accolades. Tasly’s products are made on FDA approved production facilities, which guarantee quality and the highest standards of production. If the plant is FDA approved or European FDA approved then one can safely have it otherwise we must think very carefully as to what we are putting in our body. In Pakistan, there is NO FDA approved plant, neither pharmaceutical nor herbal. This is astonishing and must make us think. For example one of Trigen products, Tricardin, is 100% imported after being produced on FDA approved production facilities.

5. Is the duration of the use of herbal medicine similar to that of regular one for any particular symptom or disease or more than that??

That depends on the product being taken. Normally chemical medicines are targeted and short-term. Herbal medicines are generalized and long term. For example; Tricardin is targeted and short-term for treatment and targeted while being long term for prevention of deadly diseases. That is why we call Tricardin a herbal medicine with chemical medicine properties.

6. While taking Herbal medicines is it safe to follow our normal diet or do we have to avoid certain food items?

We cannot comment on all herbal medicine, but our medicines can be taken as part of one's normal routine and diet. No change needed and nothing to avoid. Always good to check with whatever medicine you are taking otherwise, every product varies.

7. Herbal medicines take more time in healing one’s ailment compared to normal Allopathic medicine. Is that so?

That is normally true as herbal products are slow to act but it also varies on every medicine. For example world-class research based herbal medicines such as Tricardin and Cancigen RH2 work fast, and provide immediate, guaranteed results. The dripping pills technology used to make Tricardin is one of its kind in the world. It is developed by Tasly and provides them the edge in their products. It allows for quick absorption and rapid onset of action. Only Tricardin with dripping pills can be taken as a complete capsule or capsule opened up and take sublingually.

There you have it dear readers. Hope the answers were to the point and informative. After reading the answers I am even more tempted to try TRICARDIN, thus my testing will commence this week and I will update you all if this medicine is truly what it claims to be. Wish me luck!

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P.s: Special thanks to TRIGEN PHARMA to helping me get all this knowledge.

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