Due to the nature of my work I haven't shopped for eid in almost three years. Yes, I work full time, 6 days a week, in case you think I ONLY blog. This year I took a break and will be enjoying my EID so planned a little shopping trip with my fellow bloggers Owais Haji of Owaisism, Rabeeyah Tungekar of Rabeeeyah and Umair Mirza of Umairica.

This is more of an Experience post but it was much needed. P.s: rollover cursor on photos for fun captions ;)

The four of us wanted to get a thing or two (or more) for Eid so we decided to shop together. The first stop being Ocean Mall, Karachi. I met the other three at SPLASH and even though I planned to do window shopping I still ended up buying two tshirts because they have an amazing discount section.

We headed over to HOBO by HUB, one of my favorite accessory shops in Pakistan. Its a one stop shop for shoes, bags and jewlery. After several tries and hard decisions, I ended up with pretty flats (no heels on eid for me!) and Rabeeyah got some sexy heels. I controlled myself from not buying more than what was needed...sigh. We also had some fun playing with their super trendy sunglasses collection!

We discovered some fun non-branded shops as well in Ocean Mall which went into my "Must Vist"list. After looking around for a place for Iftar we finally decided to head over to New York Coffee where I very happily had Tangy Fish ...yum.

After feeling full (and satisfied) with the Iftar we headed over to Dolmen Mall, Clifton which is basically like a one stop destination for MOST shopping needs in Karachi, literally.

I already knew that I wanted, something slightly traditional, yet comfortable for Eid so I knew I can count on a few of my favorite brands like Beech Tree, Sapphire, ONE by Ensemble and Kayseria. I wanted something super affordable yet pretty. Going through many outfits, which were all amazing, I eventually decided (very hard when you have many favorites) on a BEECH TREE top. I also ended up buying a few cotton silk pants from GENERATIONS because they not only have great pret but essential separates like pants, tights and camisoles which pretty much saves my fashion savvy life everyday.

Owais and Rabeeyah were on a roll from the beginning, but Umair's hyperness was at zero level before we reached YELLOW. He just went into hyper drive from there because he couldn't stop shopping till we called it a day! The boys had their fun shopping at Aamir Adnan's, Yellow, Al Karam, Breakout, Bonanza and Gul Ahmed. I think they shopped more than me (hides face in shame).

My feet were seriously sore by the end of the night. One quick last stop at GREENO's and we were ready to get back home and hit the sack. It was a fun shopping spree with non-stop laughter, we are too funny and can't stop cracking jokes, that's how we are *hair flick*

If you think the EID shopping is over, then No. Shopping is never over till the very LAST day of Ramzan.

P.s: We all actually BOUGHT stuff like we mostly do, in case you were wondering ;)

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