Just when I thought I was done with shopping I get pulled back in with more new shoes, especially heels, by HOBO by HUB. How can a fashionista say no to heels? *heartache*

Flats or heels, Hobo has a wide range that I always drool over. They had already launched the EID flats and formals earlier this month but released more EID goodies for us to indulge in. The heels are trendy with designs bound to flatter your eid outfits. From glammed up to uber chic, there is a choice for all. The heels are retailing for approx PKR 4.500+ in all Hobo by Hub outlets and can also be ordered from their facebook.

While we are on the topic of HEELS to keep the following points in mind when you visit HOBO to buy one of these:

- Always try on BOTH shoes and walk around a little before buying. You need to love your heels from the beginning and be sure you are getting the right fit, very important.

- Practice walking in the new heels before the actual occasion, the feet will get used to it and that will avoid last minute bothers.

- Try to walk in a straight line when wearing heels, while pushing weight forward rather than backward.

For more queries and information, you can visit HOBO by Hub's FACEBOOK Page.