Should I also start with the "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" line? Oh well, I think food, at any time of the day, is important. Just eat the right thing, the right way. If you are someone who does enjoy breakfast the most then you should check out FIKA's "All Day Breakfast" menu which has plenty to fill their tummy.

Preferably I would love to just review drinks at any place I visit as I am totally into beverages, be it hot or cold. When you are offered food alongside you still never say no.

There were four of us so we decided to order different things and then try each. Good idea, yes it was.

I got to FIKA first so while waiting for the rest of the blogger gang to show up I ordered a drink (obviously). The drink is called "Wild Berry Colada". It's basically tasted like a spunkier form of berry smoothy with a hint of pineapple kick. It was refreshing though crushed ice instead of the big pieces would definitely uplift this drink.

After everyone got there and placed their orders I requested for some "Chai Latte". This hot beverage tastes as good as it looks. Delicious foam with spicy hot tea. The spices were balanced, it doesn't kill your taste buds (or your throat) in any way. better to add brown sugar or honey to a drink like this as it will enhance the taste further. It also smelled divine.

Rabiyah ordered the "Spinach and Mushroom Frittata". The Frittata was a bit bland, but that's how its supposed to be. It's preferred to bask it generously with Chilli Oil as we can see Rabiyah doing so intently. The flavours get doubled. The frittata was soft and chewy without any ingredient getting overbearing. It was a crustless quiche made of spinach, potatoes, mushrooms and cheese.

I ordered the "Mexican Omelette" with Pico de gato, sweet corn and cheddar. Firstly the order was a bit delayed, secondly they forgot the sidelines of sausages. Finally after realizing they were out of sausages they got turkey jerky instead. Honestly, I didn't taste ANY of the claimed ingredients in my omelette. It tasted like the desi omelette I make at home with onions, tomatoes and capsicum. I was not content with my food and would suggest a more flavorful version of this as when you read Mexican you expect a punch, not a subtle wave.

Umair ordered "Breakfast Quesadilla" and it was by far one of my favorite from the lot. The savory toasted tortilla roti made the filling of chicken, eggs, mushrooms, onions, green pepper and mozzarella mixed with bolognese sauce very delectable.

The guacamole dip and sour cream were added bonus to this tasty dish.

The winner, however, was the "Fika Omelette", perhaps the only reason I might go back to have some more to FIKA.

The fluffiness of the egg in egg mixed with shredded chicken, mushrooms well mixed with the flavorsome cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

This dish was my top favorite. Sidra was the smart one to order this and enjoyed it too.

My suggestion is to go have a "Fika Omelette" with "Chai Latte" and you will be satisfied.

Overall the experience could have been much better if the service was polished. I don't know if its lack of help or lack of focus but the waiters were a bit baffled even though the place was not packed with customers. There were delays in orders, but I am sure the management will improve because that's the way forward.

For more FIKA information go check out their FACEBOOK.