Maybelline celebrated its 100 years by re-inventing the makeup looks of over 10 decades. The recent birthday event in Karachi turned into a fun experience for me as I was chosen to represent one of the eras: 1940s. Obviously this was more of an inspiration party than a costume ball but the day was fun and the outcome even more fantastical.

My day started with some much needed doodhpatti (tea with milk) after a whole three weeks of work madness. After the tea indulgence and long shower I headed to NPro as Nabila's team was doing the makeup/hair for the Maybelline 100 years event. Nabila had recreated the looks inspired by over severals looks over the decade. After getting all dolled up my fellow blogger Rabiyah Tungeker and I headed to Sky Banquet in Ocean Mall where the event was taking place.

As per Maybelline the celebration was "an intimate birthday event commemorating 'The Power of Expression' through the decades". Women from different walks of life were dressed up and styled according to eras. The event was short yet glamorous with the Maybelline presentation and birthday cake cutting followed by dinner.
The date, May 15th, marked Maybelline’s 10 decades of non-stop beauty in the World. We are extremely excited to celebrate this milestone in Pakistan via visualization of The Power of Expression, a timeline showcasing how the concept of beauty has changed over the past 10 decades and how the basic concept of beauty remains the same as it was 10 decades back. Through this celebration, we also honor the journey the brand has been through after its creation by its founders Thomas and Maybel Williams in 1915” said Moazzam Ali Khan, General Manager CPD Division of L’Oréal Pakistan (parent company of Maybelline).

Nabila  interpreted the defining trends from different eras and the outcome was as follows:

1920’s – The Great Gatsby Era

1930’s – The Daring Art Deco Era

1940’s – The Woman at Work

1950’s – Rolling Into the Diner

1960’s – The Barbie Room

1970’s – Studio 54 Showdown

1980’s – Culture Club Cool

1990’s – Making Internet Connection

2000’s – SocialMedia age

2010's – Futuristic

Which look was your favorite? Do Comment.