Fashion Forward Dubai Season 5 was a buzzing event. Fashion crazed ladies, and quite a few gents, strutting around in statement attires, chattering of fashion this and that, the event was in full swing. The lineup was boggling and juicy so selecting the few best was quite a hard task.

The  STARCH foundation showcased a collection of designers Joe Arida, Nour Najem and
Sarkis Dersahagian. Even though the design philosophy of all three designers were different they somehow made the show flow smoothly and nothing seemed out of place.

Joe Arida: Super functional and apparently comfortable, the sartorial collection was not as boisterous as its inspiration of rap music though the element off solidity and clean color palette of sports wear was noticeable as well as the on the go practicality of street wear. Considering that Joe also designs furniture the sharp, straight silhouettes were not a surprise.

Nour Najem: The designs were clean, crisp with an air of edgy-ness. Every piece was a fusion of clean lines and layers over solid bases. The geometric fabric layering was complex but didn't feel heavy, creating a texture with the breezy, light prints in between or cut out fabric on fabric technique.

Imagine working out in these clothes. Full of spunk and sequins you can wear the bling in the sun as well. I particularly found the juxtaposition of the loose, drapey fabric paired with a bit more constructed pieces like the contemporary bolero-like, green top. I admired the simplicity of the collection which made the minimal look fun. 

The basic yet quirky collection by HASHE was a playful irreverence to the style norm of uber chic even though the concept it self was inspired by 'Silence'. Questioning the very existence of sophistication, Ava Hashemi did a lot of experimenting here, most of it compelling while withholding the air of nonchalance. The main fabric of choice was tafetta and wool (cashmere).

Giving a non fuss appeal the designs were inimitable showing exceptional technique through form and cuts. The naughty but nice effect of peeled away layers was a twist much appreciated. An unconventional approach to preppy business wear which can still pass at the office by the lively bold women out there.

Dima Ayad's collection was a frivolous peek-a-boo affair that filled the space with excitement. Beyonce's 'Fifty shades of grey" soundtrack played in the background which made the designs look even more sexy and sensual. The fringes mixed with honeycomb-like lace illustrated the friskiness of the designs quite well. Even though the outfits were quite zany they dripped with sheer elegance. Dima Ayad provoked a sense of transgression mixed with romance that felt empowering.

The off shoulder crop tops, high necked lace tops, figure hugging sequined skirts, several pieces stood out bordering between wacky and wow. The fiery, jewel toned burgundy pieces were my favorites.

Is it possible to fall in love with a collection? of course.

Every piece was poetic and the concept was as alluring as the collection. There was something new in every glimpse. The collection named "Luna" was bold and vivacious. The color palette howls of the story about the princess and the wolf - black, dark blue, forest green, burgundy, nude and white , with a hint of mustard yellow and royal purple. The techniques and finishes used throughout are quite diverse yet come together as a collection flawlessly.

We see an amalgamation of moulage technique with geometric layering through different fabric materials as well as surreal 3d prints. The couture lace pieces were further enriched with a dark, tingly eerie-ness of embroidered roses which encapsulated the magic of the concept.  The ingenuity of Hussien Bazaza's collection was enthralling.

Enough of Fashion Forward Dubai? Not really. More to come in Part 2 HERE!

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images