My favorite spaces in any house are Kitchens and Bathrooms. If I visit anyone I always take a sneak peek of their kitchen and bathroom. These are places I feel most at ease when at home. Cooking in the kitchen and bathing in the bathroom, therapeutic. I rarely write about furniture and home decor but sometimes something catches your eyes that you cant help but indulge. The new Italian Kitchen Range from INTERWOOD is that captivating moment that I couldn't ignore.

Clean open spaces, who doesn't like them? Creating futuristic designs while giving ample storage space is literally a dream come true. The New Italian Range of Kitchens by INTERWOOD is something you will admire and want to take home with you (let's hope you have deep pockets). These beautiful kitchens are specifically constructed keeping quality, comfort and aesthetics in mind. The focus on high standard was of utmost importance.

Every kitchen design in this range has a personality of its own in order to be compatible with your personal taste and preference. From uber chic to traditional modern, there is a kitchen design that you are bound to fall in love with.

Cook alone, have a little meet up, have fun, ample of space for tons of 'activities'. Now let's drool over some hotness!

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Red Alice

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