Anti Aging is something that people either take too seriously or not seriosuly at all. I have already discussed the low down on this earlier in a blog called Understanding Anti- Aging: Facts, Myths and Products but this blog is more about some of the products that are great support system for Anti Aging Skin Care.

When I received this Anti-aging system I was not at all reluctant to use it because I was already using the night cream. I dont have any wrinkles, there way too much time left for those to appear. However by using some of these we can prevent (or delay) the occurance and further make the current skin healthier.

Now don't get me wrong. No product is a miracle drug, it may be a supporter, nonetheless. You need to clearly understand that these product are like a vitamins so they NEED to be used regularly to show any effect. To quench your thirst and hydrate you drink water regularly right? You cant just drink once and that's it, no, you need to drink it regularly to keep yourself hydrated. You get the point.

I used two of these products, by choice, for a whole 8 weeks before writing this review. Yes I take my product testing VERY seriously :)

The L'Oreal REVITALIFTx3 has four variants:

 Revitalift Laser X3 Eye Cream (my favorite of the four):

- Refirms the skin (My skin definitely got firmer though it wasnt sagging much)
- Deflates Eye bags (visibly lessens, yes)
- Visibiliy reduces under eye bags (very subtle difference, my dark circles are stubborn, sigh)
- Correct wrinkles (well smoother skin but come back in another 10-15 years and I will let you know)
- Smoothens Skin (This actually helps when applied before concealer and makes the coverage smoother)
Revitalift Laser X3 Day/Night Cream:

- Re-tightens the skin
- Reshapes facial contours
- Corrects wrinkles

My experience with the Creams initially was great as I used to wake up to a fresher skin and it did give a tighter, smoother feel.

Now unfortunately a few months ago my unpredictable skin decided it didnt prefer creams and so most creamy products I used started giving me pimples.

That is due to my skin type. this may definitely suit you so I suggest to do a patch test and dont completely give up on this product. Every Skin product is different and what may not suit you may do wonders for you :)

Revitalift Laser X3 Serum (I have fallen in Love with this one):

- Visibly refines pores (I dont require a primer and skin feels tight)
- Transforms Skin Texture (Yes definitely smoother)
- Redfines the skin (If people start complimenting you this product is definitely doing SOMETHING)
- Correct wrinkles (well, like I said I will keep using this and ask me in the next 10 to 15 years)

Even though if you look at the steps I am suppose to use the creams after this but I omitted that as this serum works fine for the oily/combination skin prone to acne. It has a creamy gel-like consistency and blends in instantly without stickiness, leaving behind a mattified, yet plump skin.

The serum and eye cream has helped make my skin look younger and healthier and believe me even after a whole day of work if I go to some event with just a pat of powder people tell me I look fresh. I am definitely going to continue using it.

If you want to know indepth ingredients and science behind the products you can check HERE.

For more assurance here are testimonials of people using one of the Revitalift Laser X3 System Products:

"I am using REVITALIFT laser X3 day cream from last year. Its a very nice product, smell is great. Doesn't leave a greasy feel. Blends in well and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.My skin feels softer, plumper and more silky. My deep forehead lines may have reduced slightly, hard to tell. But definitely my skin has benefited from the month of use.Overall I thought the product has done what it says it does and feel it has improved my skin more than any other product I have used for quite some time. I would recommend this product without hesitation to others." - Maria Ch

"My skin is very dry and I usually don't take care of my skin . . not taking too much fruits n veggies cuase I have 2 little kids with me one day I noticed Aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles and even skin pigmentation... so I decided to try to use L'Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Anti Aging Cream ... and I got amazing results after using it in a month wooow ...
My skin is recovering from fine lines and wrinkles and I feel my skin taut .. fabulous result I have and I am still using it woow it rocks" - Saima Adnan

"This is the Testimonial of L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti Ageing Cream by my MOM. My mom doesn't uses Internet and she couldn't speak english. So I am translating her experience in urdu to English. My Mom is over 40 years old and my mom's one big problem was wrinkles but after using Anti Ageing Cream. here wrinkles are still there but they are fading . Her experience in her own words. The smell of the cream felt very pleasant when I first tried it. There are no harsh reaction to my skin after using the cream. She though that cream was gonna be oily like other creams but it wasn't oily. She only needed a little cream and it was enough for her all face. Her skin feels softer and more smoother then ever before. One thing more she liked is packaging of cream, it was kinda different then other bottles of cream." - Talha Khan

"My mother is using this eye smoother since past one month and we are already witnessing how the skin around her eyes has become smoother,the crows feet appearance has reduced and their is visible reduction in the appearance of bags around her eyes.. so thank you L'oreal for this miracle magic.
as per my khala who is using it too "it makes my skin better and gives it a rosy glow" she now advises everyone to use it for renewed skin" - Ayesha

The Sweet surprise is that out of all the testimonials I selected these three as the best and L'Oreal further picked One of them "TALHA KHAN" who will be winning a Gift hamper from L'Oreal as they loved his Mother's very real and honest feedback.

L'Oreal products are available in almost every Super Market and Makeup Retail stores all across Pakistan as well as online on These products are up to PKR. 2,650- each

Anyone of you have any feedback regarding these products please feel free to share in the comments :)

Red Alice

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