The new spring summer 2015 collection Metropolis by Shamaeel is here for all of you who still haven't done enough summer shopping. What am I saying? We can never really be DONE with shopping, ever. Ladies, do you want to eat your heart out (or not) with these limited edition pieces?

The collection has officially launched on 21st of March 2015. The real deal is that these limited editions stitched and unstitched pieces are quite conventionally unconventional. Makes sense? Let me explain a little further. We acknowledge Shamaeel's inspiration of the ottoman empire, the regal motifs juxtaposed with indigenous embroidery. However, every pieces brings mixed feelings. Most pieces are intriguing, make you look closely and even leaves you pondering on the choice of print with the complimenting (or so it may seem) embroidery. 

You may buy these to take a break from all the lawn mania happening around us and due to it's limited quantity you may almost never bump into your apparel doppelganger. Certain prints are composed in a very erratic pattern and add kitsch elegance but many may not favor that. Where most pieces amuse, a few did make me raise an eyebrow. Nonetheless, fashion is subjective so I suggest you also have a look. You will like something you will take home.

I admire Shamaeel's couture work and luxury pret, even looking forward to her finale in the upcomign Fashion Week, but this collection didnt really spark much though had a potential to set fire. The stitched shirts started from PKR.8,000 and unstitched were approx PKR.10,000 and more.

If you see something you like you can go inquire on there Facebook page HERE.

Red Alice