CROSS STITCH Lawn Spring 2015 collection launched this weekend and was an instant hit. The Prints are inspired by the Japanese Art and history, standing out like a breath of fresh air from the rest of the current available lawns from other brands.

Yes Cross Stitch lawn is finally here so go grab some before it totally runs out! You wont get any if you wait, lawns tend to get sold out and the queue for sales is longer than the gas lines outside petrol pumps.

The launch event was at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. The decor was inspired by the Japanese lifestyle in all its glory with a wooden gazebo, fans, the big vases with sprouting cherry blossoms, all thought along the lines of the new lawn prints which are following the same theme.

The event design and management was done by RAK events and hats off to the beautiful job.

The make up and hair were well executed, with a modern geisha look. Nabila and team were responsible for creating these oriental dolls (models) for the event and I am seriously going to ask about the delicious red lipstick that was used on them.

Mishal Asad, the Creative Director and wife of the man behind Cross Stitch Asad Shafi, explained that this time they want to get more commercial while not compromising on the quality and creativity. She further said "For this Orient Express Collection cross stitch has been inspired by their lanterns, vases, landscape paintings, sculpture, woodblock prints, origami and more. The range offers 16 designs to choose from, each design in one colorway, with some that have embroidery incorporated. What’s more, one can design and devise their individual style with the length of fabric."

I actually do agree to that. Like me, if you are not into three piece suits then you can experiment with the prints and they can be worn as separate tops as well without looking displaced.

A certain concern of some prints looking Sapphire-ish was also raised but then most designers inspired by the orient will always be compared as the core inspiration is the same, no?

The event was slightly erratic but nonetheless enjoyed by everyone. Various Socialites and Media personalities graced the public with their presences. All in all one of the better LAWN LAUNCHES and we all know how most really are.

Choreography was by the gorgeous Fia Khan, PR and Marketing was done by Tehmina Khaled and her team at TAKE II.

Now let me remind you to RUN to the nearest Cross Stitch after you are done reading my post or else you will keep swooning over the images and nothing in hand!

Red Alice