This new salon holds promise of being sensational. My first visit to Coral Salon and Spa proved to be quite pleasant and I left with a heart full of content.

Coral Salon and Spa has a very welcoming environment. It's not just because of the spacious, uber chic, modern meets oriental, interior. The staff is sweet, presentable and above all the owner is there to talk to you while discussing whatever you need. When the owner is available to see to your comfort and need that is always a plus point for any salon because it makes you feel important.

Other than a welcoming, helpful staff what really matters is hygiene. The salon was spotless, literally. I took a tour and checkout out every nook and corner. From makeup stations to massage rooms, clean and well kept, very assuring.

I got a manicure as my first service. I have realized with experience that if they can do the manicure and pedicure right then they can definitely manage great service. The MANICURE was thorough and I went for trying out slightly squared nails for the first time. The attendant was polite, not too talkative (brownie points when we are trying to relax) and GENTLE (very important because most forget they are dealing with humans).

The overall experience was pleasant. I reviewed the service menu and the pricing is quite affordable. If you want to book an appointment or try out their services you can check their Facebook page HERE.

The afternoon ended with lots of selfies and delicious snacks. A simple meeting with the talented and gorgeous makeup artist Sahar Islam was delightful. She is really down to earth and easy to talk too just like the salon owners.  A wonderful experience and I do look forward to visiting again (when I get time, which is rare).

Red Alice