When people look at my lipstick collection, which never stops growing, they ask me me "what the hell do you do with all of them?" and I just smile and reply "I PLAY with them!"

I love Lipsticks. They can say so much without me even moving my lips. Even if I have nothing on my face a bit of lipstick totally brightens up everything <3

Coming to the point, I want to share one of my summer favorites which I had on most of summer (along with a few others hehe). I have already shared my very brief feedback of Dazz Matazz Velvet Sensation before but it will be more in detail here with a delicious shade I found called "Passion Sorbet". . . Mmmmmm!

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Did you know that Dazz Matazz is owned by the same company as DMGM? Well, niether did I till recently. MAXCARE Intl, first established in England and later in Dubai, is  a Cosmetics Manufacturing Company which believes in creating a complete range of luxury cosmetics through innovative technology to revolutionize the woman of today.

The BRAND Claims:"Absolute comfort densifying, repairing hydrating action with lavender extract & Vitamin-E"


I bought this lipstick again because I obviously had a great experience last time. In my opinion this lipstick is underrated and not appreciated as much as it should be. Its a great product and one of my favorites.
  • Satin, Velvety Finish. The Cream-like formula glides on smoothly with precision.
  • Rich in Pigmentation with great color payoff
  • Long wear and fades gradually. Love the tinted effect in the end as well
  • Subtle smell which is not bothersome
  • Passion Sorbet, The shade I got, is a rich fruity pink with a very slight tint of orange. It is a little similar to Centrifuschia by Lime Crime and your lips look totally delicious when you wear it!
  • Moisturizing and actually make your lips look juicy...yum!
  • Great value for cost - This is for PKR.350 to PKR.380 (Fluctuates due to shops and location)
  • Availability - Sadly Limited. I got this from Vicky's Cosmetics in Defence, Karachi. Its not available online (I looked and didn't find anything yet, boo hoo!) If it is available I will definitely update you all <3

I Love this lippy and shade! What do you think?
If you have any more information or query regarding this brand let me know. Muah!

I would give this brand a 4/5, One less only because of restricted availability.

Red Alice