Some Blogs are better experienced through images than through words....they just are. A recent Blog Fest took place for beauty and lifestyle bloggers at Dolmen Mall, Clifton by Scentsation (Multitech Group). The excitement of being surrounded with variuos top (and many favorite) brands was overwhelming. Drooling was never ending, so was the heart ache for not being able to get them all! <3 SIGH!

It was a challenge for me to focus when Zarmina Khilji (Business Development Head, Scentsation) and Mohsin Feroze (Chief Executive, Multitech) were briefing us on the background and working of the company. It was good to know, and they assured, that all the brands present under the umbrella of Scentsation and Multitech were original. With every purchase you actually get a certificate of authentication, no one can deny the brands being fake with THAT! I don't mind paying a little extra as long I get the real thing!

Multitech has brought many brands under one roof (and the number is growing!). Revlon, L'Oreal, Guerlain, DMGM, Bourjois, L'Oreal, Art Deco, Branded perfumes (D&G, Gucci, Chanel, etc) and many other known brands can be spotted in any Scentsation store all across Pakistan.

The evening was exciting and fun, loads of makeup and fragrance testing followed by awesome goodie Bags and dinner at Johnny Rockets which is a great place if you want authentic, american style burgers!

Red Alice <3