Its no surprise when Music makes a transition into Fashion or vice versa, specially when women are involved. We see Music and Fashion collaborating through many ways, catwalk being one, musicians as trend setters being another (remember Madonna's Conical Bra?). The fusion always leads to something iconic. We see pop stars aligning with designers and brands all the time. Striking a balance and not going overboard is tricky though. You don't want to forget you are watching a fashion show and not a concert.

The recent Music and Fashion fusion, that happened locally, was the launch of SS Acoustics (SS being Sana Safinaz's). This initiative is not really a collaboration, rather an extension of SS from Fashion towards Music. That does seem legit considering SS is not just fashion but a Lifestyle brand as well. There are no restriction for a brand to extend into other genres.

According to the brand: "Sana Safinaz is not just a brand, it’s not just about fashion; it’s a complete lifestyle that portrays the persona of the very classy you! From wearing casual to formal dress and accessories to, furnishing your house to listening music; ‘SANA SAFINAZ’ meets the ultimate class and style that you deserve."

SS Acoustics is a promising platform for upcoming artists who need grooming and exposure. The young talent of Pakistan will get guidance and will be promoted through this platform free of charge, professionally as well as technically.

According to SS: "You will not only get your voice out there but also get a chance to work with one of the best Pakistani Music talent."

How fruitful is SS Acoustics initiative going to be? Time will tell. The future does look bright nonetheless as the goal is charitable and the intentions clear.

Red Alice