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Never tell a woman she has too many shoes. You don’t want to go on a warpath with her. Of course not ALL women are crazy about shoes, maybe some love ‘Less’ and some ‘More’, but the love is there, nonetheless.

Marilyn Monroe once appropriately quoted “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

There are many reasons for our love of shoes. Heels for instant are an instant boost. A bit of height and change of perspective make us feel powerful, like we are on top of the world. Shoes for women are a practical buy compared to rest of the wardrobe. We can wear them multiple times with any outfit and they go out of fashion later than the rest of the apparels and accessories.

Another really interesting reason is that our feet will never look fat no matter what size we are. The right shoe can complete your outfit and believe me; men notice good shoes even if they don’t know what bag you are carrying or what print you are wearing.

Now the tricky part is identifying who is who of shoes! Hold on to those toes ladies, sit back and gobble down the types that will be mentioned. You can flaunt your freshly attained shoe-ology when you go shoe shopping next time (like maybe right after you read this article!)

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