I am not talking about a music genre or anything catastrophic. I am talking about a natural phase that almost every bride goes through soon after their wedding but are unaware off. Awareness is the key and that is what this article is all about. Dear Newly-wed Brides or Soon-to-be-Brides, do not despair because we will tell you how to beat the blues.

What are Post Wedding Blues?

The wedding is one of the most beautiful event of almost every bride’s life. Planning the right theme, get the perfect dress, finalizing the best menu, spending time with a lot of people and so many before and after parties and dinners. It doesn’t become just an event, it becomes a lifestyle, a sort of a habit. And then a few weeks after the wedding you can’t sleep, you don’t seem to eat properly, the financial hangover of the wedding surfaces and you feel depressed. That flat feeling is quite natural so no need to wonder otherwise.

Sometimes we expect too much what the marriage might have in store for us. We imagine a fairytale like happily ever after, scenes from our best romantic comedy movies perhaps and then reality hits us. We are so used to the excitement the silence and getting back to our every day routine and job becomes mundane and boring. Some brides and even grooms question if they have done the right thing or not. Once we fathom the situation, it’s not the end of the world.

The feeling is different for women who work and those who don’t. It is also different with the ladies who will be living with a joint family, living alone, had a big wedding or a small one. The experiences of post wedding blues vary but mostly there in some form.

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Red Alice