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Having a bad hair day is not as bad as having thin, damaged hair. Most of the times we don't realize that while trying to look good or thinking we are treating our hair right, we are actually doing much worse.

A little knowledge about the right way to deal with "Hair Sins" can lead to happy hair and a happier Us.


1. Daily Diet: Many are aware that a poor diet can lead to bad skin and hair fall, YET we still go on crash diets, drink less water, eat more junk. Practically, even if you can't manage the diet don't miss out on water and take multivitamins to compensate for the nutrition loss. Let's be real, it's easier to take some vitamins than trying to incorporate healthier eating habits. Also keep in mind hair is mainly protein so go for a diet which is protein enriched.

2. Strong Hair Products: I wonder how many of you know that the more durable a certain product claims to be, the more harsh they will be on your hair. Products that promise mega hold, long wear are capable of doing that because of a lot of chemicals, specially alcohol, which can make your hair brittle and dry. Try to avoid products that make your hair stiff and opt for lighter products. Do damage control by using nourishing serum and hair oil often.

3. Hot Baths: Just like hot water is bad for your skin it does similar damage to your hair. Hot water is dehydrating and over dries the scalp by getting rid of natural nourishing oil. It opens up pores which is prone to clogging from dirt and oil. Wash your hair with a suitably lower temperature, preferably subtle cold.

4. Too Much Sun: We think we need sun protection for our skin only but our hair gets fried with too much sun exposure as well. When exposed to the sun for a longer period of time wear a hat or cover your head.

5. Hair Style: An occasional bun and braid is good. Keeping your hair tied in a tight bun, braid or pony tail ALL the time is a sure way of making it weak and break, specially when you are sleeping. Keep the tied up hair looser and try to let down your hair often or loosely held. Be gentle. MYTH BUSTED: Plastic Claw hair clips are better than pony tails and rubber bands as they dont do any damage.

6. Wash or Not: NOT washing your hair as much as required is one of the biggest Hair sins. Skipping a day is fine. Further negligence leads to clogged pores, dirt, itchy scalp and product build up. Make sure you wash your hair after at least two days, specially when you use a lot of hair products. MYTH BUSTED: Washing hair every day is actually not damaging as long as you use the right shampoo and keep conditioning to alternate days or thrice a week.

7. The BRUSH and RUB: Other than using the right brush/comb for your hair (natural flat bristle brushes are great all rounders) know how much as well. Brushing wet hair leads to hair fall and breakage so its always recommended to wait till its damp (hair is at its weakest when wet). Rubbing your wet hair vigorously with towel after shower is not a good idea either as it leads to more breakage so be patient and gentle. Dry hair should not be brushed extensively, 3 to 4 times a day is good. Don't go overboard or you will have no hair to brush!

8. Scratch, Pull and Chew: Wondering how this can be a sin? It definitely is. Getting into the habit of scratching your head, playing and chewing your hair and sometimes lightly pulling strands is NOT cute ladies. Its bad for your hair. They break and get damaged. When you scratch your head the hair can break near the roots and the scalp produces excess oil leading to more itchiness. keep your hands away from your head!

9. HOT Hot Hot: Extensive Heat, be it hot water, air or tools, are seriously the worst of all Hair sins. We blow dry, straighten, curl our hair almost all the time. Some ladies can't leave the house before doing one of the aforementioned. Some serums and oils can fix the damage to a certain extent but you should take more care, be less obsessed. Learn to maintain your hair naturally as well and give it a break once in a while. Opt for a cooler settings when blow drying, try using rollers instead of tongs, let your hair be wavy instead of straitening them. TIP: To flatten from front hair you can wet them and use a clip to hold it on the side till it dries. It naturally flattens the front bangs :)


For all you ladies out there who might feel alone (or clueless) these Hair sins will open your mind (and eyes) a bit :)

Hair Sins, L'Oreal TR5, Hair wishes, Bad Hair, How to take care of your hair, Bad Hair Habits
Sanna (Mom to be): "I don't brush My hair as much as I should and I know that is not a good thing :/"

Aqsa (Entrepreneur): " I straighten my hair a lot and I think I over wash my everyday washing bad?"

Henna (Marketing Professional): "Well I don't oil my hair, don't wash them often, don't cut them until and unless split ends show up, in fact don't cut them at all and my hair is full of split ends!"

Anum (House wife and Mother): "I don't condition often and blow dry a LOT"

Ana (student): I don't wash them Often"

Rabiyah (MUA): "I don't brush my hair at all! I have curly hair and only brsh them when I straighten them"

Mariyam (House wife): "Brush them while they are wet"

Heena(House wife): "Don't brush them as often (I used to have really curly hair) and now they've become wavy but still get super tangled and brushing results in hair fall."

Sarah: "I don't oil them that much and now they have become frizzy :/"

Wafa (MUA): "Color and Blow drys!"

Qurat: "I use my straightener everyday. The amount of heat I have used on my hair I am surprised to see that I still have hair on my head."

Komal: I have done a lot of experiments with my hairs, I have dyed my hair numerous times, rebonding, straightening, extenso, streaking. I have done each and every thing except perming but these all things resulted in frizzy hair with hairfall"

Hania: "I almost never brush my hair. only when I straighten or curl them. *guilty is charged*"

So My dear, What are YOUR Hair Sins? :)

Red Alice