When it comes to putting your best foot or hand forward not all of us are naturally lucky. That is where the earlier acrylic nails and now the latest “Gel Nails” are come to our rescue. I am blessed (thank God) with naturally strong and shapely nails, but not everyone has that pleasure. Nicely groomed nails are every girls dream. Technology, bless thee, as come up with some solutions. There may be women who go to extremes, like plastic surgery and re-constructive surgeries; to make their dreams come true but let us not go there for now… or ever.

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The latest nail fads to hit the market are Gel Nails. The most annoying thing after getting a perfect manicure is to get your nail polish chipped in the next few hours. This is where Gel Nails can help. Gel Nails and now even more recent Shellac are no-chip guaranteed nail polishes.

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