I know, I know... nothing can beat "America's Next top Model" but at least someone is trying. Trying and doing a decent job should get some brownie points, no? VEET MISS SUPER MODEL 2014 is back with a promise to be bigger and better. I see Katrina flaunting Veet all the time on their Adverting Campaigns so only great things should be expected. Will they deliver? Season 4 will show us that.

Veet held a press conference at PC, Karachi to announce their 2014 season. I was drooling over Cybil's gorgeous Yellow dress (By Elan) while taking note of whats to expect this year from VEET Show. Last year some promising young ladies entered the field of modeling like Abeer and Anum, thanks to Veet.

This year round Wiqar Ali Khan will be hosting the show. An old favorite of mine (girly crush at one time) and a good choice for host. Hair and Makeup partnership is with Saba Ansari of Sabz, Hum TV Network as the official media and production partner of the show, and Take-II (Tehmina Khalid) as PR partner. The Creative Agency is Manhattan International.

The exciting twist is the change in the show format. This year Veet is featuring 3 supermodels namely Amna Ilyas, Cybil Chaudhry and Sabina Pasha as coaches and mentors to a group of contestants. There will be 8 themed episodes and each episode will focus on grooming the models in various aspects of modelling based on beauty, confidence and personality development. In addition to that the episodes will also showcase celebrity appearances from the fashion, TV and film industries as guest judges.

Who will be the next Miss Veet Super Model? Watch the show which will be aired soon on Hum TV. At the moment its in production. Stay Tuned for more updates.

p.s: No offense but shouldnt it be just Veet Super Model? I don't get the "Miss" . . .

Red Alice