Bald people are not missing out. They may wish for hair but that's about it. So all bald people out there hear this: YOU ARE LUCKY you dont have hair that needs to be managed! You wake up with your gorgeous shiny head and can wash it while you are washing your face. You are in a good place, believe me! ;)

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It's people with HAIR who are facing frustration (mostly).I wish I had thick, naturally red,wavy  hair instead of the fine, flat wavy ones that I try to manage. No volume, no life :'( Meh!

When I asked others (whose hair I was envious off) what they think about their hair I found out even THEY have hair wishes! MIND BLOWN :/ I thought it would be fun to start a conversation about hair wishes so I asked around and gathered some fun answers. Here are some HAIR WISHES:

Hassan Iqbal Rizvi(CEO & Founder 9Lines): "I think I'm pretty much blessed with good hair but yeah I wish I had afro in alternate life"

Mahin Hussien(Accessory Designer): "These days I want curly hair :) and wish my hair would be more manageable this summer and look good in the heat!"

Fahad Hussain(CEO & Head Stylist at Citrus Talent): "Loads of hair, long and curly, an Afro Maybe..."

Batur Muhammad(Fashion Designer/Blogger): "Love Curly Hair *SIGH*"

Haseeb Sultan(Blogger): "I wish for a Bleach Blonde sometimes . . . *rebel*"

Syed Aamir(Digital Media Profesional/Blogger): "Sigh that my hairline was not receding"

Umair Mirza(Blogger): "I hope they don't disappear!"

Rabiyah Tungekar(MUA/Beauty Blogger):"Long, silky, manageable hair...Sigh"

Samra Muslim(Social Media / Blogger): "Hazaron khawahishain... Etc!!" (thousands of wishes)

Nuzhat Sami(My Mom): "I want Long thick hair like Kareena Kapoor"

Ehtesham Ansari(Stylist): "Thicker Hair for sure"

The above are just a few of many wishes. But lets hear more. What are YOUR Hair wishes. SHARE with me in the comments below :)

Red Alice