I Love winters in Karachi, I really do. I love the clean, dry atmosphere, The layering of clothes, hot coffee mug in bare hands, mittens and boots, everything...almost. I can't stand cold water or getting wet in anyway in winters, brrrr. This unfortunately makes me a bit of a skin care bum. SIGH :(

In non-wintery circumstances I wash my face at least thrice a day. Morning, after I come back from work and then before going to bed at night. I use a Lighter face wash for night as I had already washed my properly after I get home from work. On a day off I wash my face twice, day and night.

During winters I try my best to wash it thoroughly once and the rest of the time its more of a splash and dash! I was not too proud of myself until I figured out a better Winter Care Regime :)

I decided to THOROUGHLY wash my face, scrub a dub, after I came home from work because that is when my face has been exposed the most to dirt, pollution and what not. The morning and night is a splash my face and dash BUT I also used Wet wipes to get rid of extra dirt, germs and leftover makeup, if any.

The three saviors of my Winter skin care regime have been the following:

Skin Care, Beauty Regime, Winter Skincare, Face wipes, L'oreal,L'Oreal Pure Zone Deep Purifying Cleansing Wipes
L'Oreal Pure Zone Deep Purifying Cleansing Wipes:
- Great alternate for times when you just cant handle the cold water on your face and neck!
- It thoroughly cleans your skin.
- Great for acne prone skin as it contains Salicylic Acid
- Can also be used as a Makeup remover (avoid eyes) and blotting paper
- 25 cleansing wipes which are soft and  easy on the skin
- Only for Rs. PKR 225/- (Great Buy)

Skin Care, Beauty Regime, Winter Skincare, L'Oreal White Perfect Night repair Cream:
L'Oreal White Perfect Night repair Cream:
At night after face cleansing I have started using this and so far very satisfied.
- Super moisturizing and Skin feels supple and soft
- Light formula
- Gets rid of Dullness and makes uneven skin tone much better
- I Dont look like a Puffy fish when I wake up next morning. I actually look rested.
- Only Small amount enough for entire face
- Works great in winters
- PKR 850/- (Great Buy)

Garnier BB Cream, Skin Care, Beauty Regime, Winter Skincare
Garnier BB Cream:
What can I say. This cream has become my best friend. I have one in my bag at all times and one on my dressing table. When I am rushing out this is a great Multipurpose solution which I quickly dab on and ready to get set go!

- Moisturizing
- Skin Clearing
- Light coverage
- SPF 15

. . . and much much more for just PKR 399/- (PKR 449 at Just4girls)
You can read more about this BB Cream Here.

These three were my "Go-To" Products for Skincare in winter. What were yours?