Wardha Saleem has evolved in every Fashion week since she started showcasing her work. The previous collections that truly made a mark on us as well as the fashion industry, like folk play and doodle junction, were fun, quirky and full of traditional inspiration.

What are we going to see this Year? Is it going to be as colorful and quirky as her previous collections? Is it going to a 180 degree turn? Anything can happen when you have a designer who likes pushing herself against all odds when it comes to prints, cuts and treatment.

A little birdy to me that Wardha's inspiration this year comes from the Desert Camel hair Art. Camels hair is shaved into decorative designs. No harm comes to the animal so don't panic. Its as safe as applying mehndi on your hand and body or creating design through shaving your head creatively (think Memento or Gajni).

Using the Camel hair art as the foundation of her Luxury Pret collection she will be adding Kaleidoscopic florals to add a twist. The palette is full of deep shades to enhance the richness of the design.

Are we seeing her signature bird fused into this collection somewhere? You never know :) The Collection's name is inspired by the desert itself. It can be anything from Desert Rose, Desert storm to Dasht-Gul. What do you think it should be called?

Red Alice