Winter has ended...almost. I have been really busy with my brother's wedding preparation (still am) so shopping for myself is not a priority since January. I did however got three things (two purchases, one gift) amogst others which I flaunted all winter. These items were my Winter Must Love.

Let's start with how I have been searching for the perfect pair of loafers. I am still drooling over Chiara Ferragni's quirky glitter loafers and Charlotte Olympia's Kitty shoes but alas they could only make it to my wish list (wipes away years).

Charlotte Olympia, CharlotteOlympia, Kitty, Kitty shoes, shoes, shoelove, fashion, I Love Fashion
Chiara Ferragni, ChiaraFerragni,Quirky, Kitsch, Kitsch Fashion, shoes, shoelove, fashion, I Love Fashion

After drooling over these beauties I managed to get my hands on some loafers which were not even close to the wishlist items but still found a place in my heart and on my feet :) Outfitters and Stoneage stocked the best loafers this winter. I was unfortunate not to find my size at Outfitters but got lucky at Stoneage. So lucky that I ended up buying two loafers, a casual fun yellow and a more chic grey suede.

Loafers, Stoneage, karachi, Kitsch fashion, eccentric fashion, I love fashion, Top Fashion trends 2014
The Yellow ones (Fannie) is ideal for day wear and a casual night out too. They add a little color in whatever I wear and are super comfortable with soft sole padding. I got these for PKR 2250 but if anyone of you are planning to get these they are on sale for just PKR 1575. I am wearing these as I write :)

Pedro Shoes is selling something similar for at least PKR 6000 so I think this is a great buy :)
Loafers, Stoneage, karachi, Kitsch fashion, eccentric fashion, I love fashion, Top Fashion trends 2014
The Grey ones (Grey Reef) are slim fit yet comfortable and look super smart with any western out fit. I do not recommend loafers under eastern wear, they look shabby. I got these for PKR 2450
Now the interesting story with these is that the first night I wore them and took them off when I got home my cat peed on them. I immediately washed them and put them on the terrace to dry. My heart was in the dumps because I was worried they were ruined. I got a surprise in the morning when they looked just as I had bought them. NEW! they didn't smell, no water patched, nothing altered. So yes these beauties can be hand washed.

You can checkout more designs on the Stoneage website because they also sell online, Yaay!

Moving on to the GIFT I received which made my heart skip a beat. Lets just say that sometimes when we have things in our wishlists and think we can never really get them, we can be wrong :) I got a surprise Gift from Tapu Javeri himself and I literally jumped (he can prove it).

tapulicious, Karachakra, karachi, Kitsch fashion, eccentric fashion, I love fashion, Top Fashion trends 2014
The Tapulicious bag I got can be used as a Satchel as well as a Tote. Love the deep pinkish purple shades and the camera is the ideal design element for me <3 Tapu's Designs are not only original but have an element of Kitsch mixed with poparty abstraction.
I am not too aware of the actual Price but assuming its PKR 3,000 plus. I am quite happy to finely have this piece of art as a part of my wardrobe and have been flaunting it almost every where I go :D

These were the three best picks from my winter wardrobe. What's your pick? Do Share :)