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The main reason True Magic doesn't exist is because:
1. I would have been a kickass Sorceress (The best actually. Modest much? No I don't care, I would have been the best!)
2. I would have been a little evil (I want to be evil to all evil people while being good to the good humans. If I was only good I would have been a lame, all forgiving witch with lots of powers which I won't be using which is lame!)
3. I am not greedy but I would have been rich ( enough to travel the work, afford all the expensive makeup brands that I can't at the moment and to give my parents the dream house and life they always wanted)
4. I would have used a magical red scooty to fly anywhere I want to go ( broom sticks and carpets are too old school plus broomstick are wedgie prone, ouch)
5. I would have an army of minions (oompa loompas are not half as much cute or productive as minions!)
6. I would have snapped my fingers to make the jiggly fat in my body disappear ( hello food, bye bye dieting and gym)
So, if u had magic what would you do?

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