Hello 2014. Please be good to me, more than 2013. I feel grateful but it wont hurt to be ecstatically happy either :) I don't have any crazy resolution. I slept last night as me and woke up today, this year, as me and quite happy about it. New day, new dawn, but I don't need to be a new me. I am very Happy with who I am.

However, as all human beings are unsatisfied 100% in one way or the other. I do need to fix a few thing, do a few and get a few. I am emphasizing on "few" because I know many who have a LONG list of  "to do" for 2014 which seems unrealistic. I want to keep mine do-able *fingers crossed*

P.S: I not doing a typical Best of 2013 because I prefer looking ahead. Future is the way to go FORWARD (and Most of the stuff I got in 2013 was quite good so why re-review it?)

MUST HAVES of 2014:
1. Lime Crime Velvetines: I have been swooning over these forever. I definitely need to get my hands on them as soon as possible but not die in the process. I already know how I am going to get these (Cheers to my super helpful and fashionably supportive cousins :p). Expecting these within a month or so!

2. Get More Statement Eyeglasses: I don't mind contacts and even have Lasik on my to do list for fixing my bad eye sight problem. But I love eye glass anyways and want to (and will) get more fun designs this year. My favorite are the cat eye ones but I haven't found the exact one I am looking for...yet.

3. Full Length Mirror: Nothing beats a good, full length mirror to capture your complete look. This is something I definitely want, just trying to find a place in my room to put it in :/

MUST DO in 2014:

4. Get Slim and Fit: I love my body and very comfortable with it, but I should not abuse it. I want to loose weight for myself. I want to feel good wearing crop tops or short shirts. I owe to myself and I will try my best to do this without starving or any short cuts. For Starters, my Goal is 65 kg from the 80kg I am at the moment.

5. Eat Healthy: It says it all. Healthier, cleaner eating. More vitamins and fresh food rather than junk in my trunk!

6. Get Flawless skin: I am going to be honest. I am not happy with my skin. I want clear flawless face yet I have old acne scars and pigmentation. I am going to get that treated and take extra care in making my skin better this year. It's High priority.

7. Learn how to drive: Yes. Its true. I dont know how to drive, yet. The main reason is because I hate it, but I have to learn. Its important and more cost effective than public transport apparently (imagine the lipsticks I can get if I save enough from fuel when I drive my own car! Yaay!).

8. Get a funky yet manageable haircut and Ombre: I have realized that my long hair days are GONE. I am too active to worry about taking care of long hair. I am going to cut them as short as my round face will allow and the much craved Red Ombre DIY will also take place right after that. Enough said!

MUST TRY in 2014:

9. Travel: I want to travel to one if not more places from my "want to travel to" destinations. There are many reasons for not traveling. Money and Time are the main ones, specially when I am working full time. I am hoping with my heart and soul that I get to travel a LOT this year (on wards ;p).

10. Try Something new: I want to try to do or learn or make something new this year. Not just one thing but many. Try a new cuisine, make something that I have never made before, experience a different sport or hobby, SOMETHING NEW is what I must try :)

See, my list is not that unrealistic and I hope I get to do MOST of it if not all. Share your wishes and goals and let's see if we can help each other make at least one of it come true :)

Once Again Happy New Year my Lovely friends and followers <3
Red Alice Rao