Who loves to be pampered? Everyone of course! When you get a call to get a free blow dry and nail treat you go, you don't question, you just go go GO!

My excitement was sky rocketing when I received an invitation to try out Mythic Oil's new Soufflé d' shampoo and conditioner. I had already read about the new duo and trying it out would be wonderful. I RSVP-ed and booked my appointment (as per invitation requirement).

The Gold and Glitter Meetup took place at the L'Oreal Professional Academy. I was greeted and offered some hot coffee (much needed in this cold weather) and was taken to my wash station. 

My hair was washed with the new Mythic Oil's new Soufflé d'Or shampoo and conditioner. The wash chair had built in massager so the experience gets cookie points. The wash was followed by a blow dry and another hot cup of coffee (Such a feel good moment).

The Product:
The new Mythic product smelled fresh (hints of Jasmine blossoms, vanilla and mandarin) and the shimmery, sparkling formula looked enticing enough to do magic. Packaging, like the Mythic range, is elegant and gold is the focus. The brand claims:
"Silicone and Paraben free, Mythic Oil Soufflé d’Or sparkling shampoo and conditioner is a two-step program to cleanse, nourish, condition and transform fine and dull hair using argan and safflower oils. The added golden flakes create an extra shine which make hair look lustrous and radiant. The dual acting combination of shampoo and conditioner provides all the key benefits of essential oils within the hair care routine and results in sparkling, shiny and healthy looking hair."
The product focuses on providing nourishment and shine to women like me with fine to normal hair. After the blow dry my hair felt healthy, light weight and flip-worthy (Come on we all love flipping our hair!). I tested how long the result would last and it was a a brilliant three plus days of no grease and soft bouncy hair!

- Am I buying this product? Definitely considering
- Price? Steep but worth it. Rs.3500/- (limited edition)
- Ideal for? Fine to normal Hair, Oily Hair (from experience)
- Availability? L'Oreal Professional Salon Partners only as this is an exclusive product. You can look at the list HERE.

L'Oreal ladies flaunting the product with cheerful smiles:

Added Bonus at the Meetup:
The pampering didn't end with the hair. I got a free nail polish trial of the new Essie range of sparkly top coats and finishes! Yaay! Essie has launched its latest collection, Luxe Effects, full of shimmer, sparkle and fairy dust. I got my nails done in 'Splash of Grenadine' a light purply pink and topped the ring fingers with 'Jazzy Jubilant'. Saba Chaudry of BeautyRush blog got her nails done in a dark blue (dont know the shade) and topped it with 'Jazzy Jubilant' as well.

The overall experience was fun with a capital 'F'. I was a happy, hair flipping, hands flaunting chica when I left.