Wardha Saleem is no stranger. Neither to the fashion fraternity, nor to me. There are about a bijjilion articles on Wardha the designer. How she started her fashion career, the concept behind her every collection and let’s not forget the recent appointment as the C.E.O of Pakistan Fashion Council. Taking all this under consideration, my interview with her might not be that different or it might take you by surprise.

I don’t see Wardha as Wardha Saleem, rather as Wardha the friend who I am very proud of. From oblivious girls in Indus Valley stressing out over deadlines of class assignments, getting excited over soup and slims in the cafeteria to being where we are now, I have seen Wardha grow not just as a designer, but as a person. I knew she had a love for color and prints (like me) but she had a chance to develop it further through fashion and textiles.

“God has been very kind to me. The path was already laid out, I just had to keep moving forward, one step at a time”, She chimed with a smile.

From the impactful “Sinned” series to “Folk Play” and then the most recent “Doodle junction” Wardha has presented us with a graphic explosion of tradition dipped in a palette of rainbow and quirk. Somehow, the everyday objects of her life, which she thought were ordinary yet amusing, were translated beautifully through her vision and further recreated into fashion.

These days, other than being responsible about her post as the C.E.O of the Fashion Pakistan council, Wardha is going through a very torturous phase. If you read all of the above carefully I am sure you know what I mean. I am certainly looking forward to what she will surprise me with next. Let’s wait and see for it to unveil soon.

Red Alice

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