The 2014 Limited Edition Calendar is all ready to make a big Splash like it did every year at its launch this December 19th 2013. The behind the scenes of the calender's shoot and sneak peak of the art work has been revealed and everyone is drooling with anticipation. I went crazy looking at the beautiful imagery. Oh my and maybe crazy was not enough <3

According to Raza Beig, CEO of Landmark Group’s retail outlets Splash and Iconic, the calendar is an Ode to their Love affair with fashion. "This year, we wanted to celebrate our ’20 years in love with fashion,’” explained Beig. “It’s all about love and about going back to our high-street roots. We depicted prominent fabrics and styles which we use a lot for Splash, like denim, leather, flannel, lace, and black and white patterns.”

The First Calendar, launched in 2011, was based on the interpretation of Fashion and Beauty through 12 months in Black. The vision was translated into art by renowned photographer Tejal Patni. Since then Tejal has been the preferred photographer for the Splash calendars.

The Second Calendar, 2012, explored the concept on Mayan Prophecy. The Calendar was Once again a hit but we were all quite happy that the prophecy didn't come true last year! Phew!

The Third Calendar for 2013 was the most challenging yet innovative. 'Room 2013' was a collection of 12 stories through the eyes of 12 selected photographers, interpreted in various forms be it a hospital room, a dream room or a melting room portraying stories like ‘Supernova, ‘Spontaneous Life’, ‘Utopia’ amongst a multitude of others.
The Splash Calendars are viewed as Collector's item and are printed in limited quantity only to be distributed amongst selected elite and opinion makers. I would love to get my hands on one but alas for now I can only wish.

Have a Look at the Behind the scenes photos:

When I saw the behind the scenes and then the actual art work my heart literally skipped a beat. Fabric, Lace, Print, Monochrome and even Denim has been portrayed in such a surreal, fantasy-like imagery that I wished I was part of it. Beautiful conception by the brilliant photographer Tejal Patni, the creative director/designer Furne Amato and the Splash Team.

Last but not the least take a look at two of the finished Art work and drool your heart out! The rest of the stuff I have already seen but it's supposed to be kept hush hush till it's revealed on the 19th!

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