I finally got my hands on some Prescriptives products, thanks to my lovely aunts and cousins in USA...Yaay!

I got two Prescriptives Colorscope Lipsticks in Mocha and Autumn Sun. The overall packaging is quite simple but it was amusing to discover that the Prescriptives Lipstick look a LOT like Luscious moisture Lipstick, except the Luscious ones are slightly taller.

The Lipstick is quite creamy and consistent but the medium coverage only lasts for a few hours. Its moisturizing and I have started using it as a lippy and a lip balm in one because it does the job well.

Not too happy about the limited time it stays on my lips but I like the shades. The lipstick is light on the lips and even though a lot of people have complained about the lipstick smelling like an old lady I really like it :)

Mocha is a nude, natural looking color which looks gorgeous with smokey eyes. It goes with almost everything and perfect for ladies who like it light.
Autumn sun is a subtle wine berry shade. The good thing with this shade is that when its fading out it looks like a tint so doesn't bother me much till I reapply. The shade is rich yet sheer and great for ladies who want to try bold shades yet are hesitant. This shade can be a starter.

The Lipstick costs $19 which I feel is a lot for medium coverage as well as not being long lasting. It should definitely cost less than $10.

Overall I like the product and its been part of my winter go to Lipsticks :)


Red Alice